“Charles Barkley Should Stop Before I Take His Job”| Draymond Green Becomes First NBA Player To Work As In-Season Analyst For TNT

(Photo: TNT/Twitter)

Draymond Green is known for his great leadership, toughness, defensive play, high IQ and high-intensity trash talk on the court. 

Off the court, Green brings that same IQ to his guest studio sessions on TNT. That was never more obvious than during last season’s NBA playoffs as Green sat with Ernie Johnson, Kenny “The Jet” Smith, Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal on “Inside The NBA.” 

For his efforts TNT has signed Green to a multi-year in-season analyst role, even as he helps lead the Warriors to the second-best record in the league and possibly another championship. Green will appear regularly on Tuesdays and Thursdays when the Warriors aren’t scheduled to play.



While WNBA star Candace Parker also serves in an analyst role, her appearances have come during the WNBA’s offseason, making Green’s deal the first of its kind as an active player with broadcasting duties.

Following the announcement Green said this via a press release:

“I’ve had an amazing experience working with Turner Sports in recent years and I’m a big believer in the way they entertain and genuinely connect with fans on all levels. Today’s announcement helps to formalize our relationship and I couldn’t be prouder to officially be a part of the TNT family.”

TNT Crew Congratulates Their Newest Member

Shaq welcomed Draymond to the team with a joke about Barkley, who Draymond has had his share of verbal spats with, in the past. 

“Dray I’m not going to congratulate you because I already thought you were a member of the team. You’re doing a great job and we love having you there. And, if you got a half million for me I’ll punch Charles (Barkley) in his face right now. Say I won’t.”

Draymond responded with the humor that makes him a perfect fit to joint the Inside The NBA crew.  

“About a year ago, I would’ve wired that over to you big fella. But I can’t go against the Chuckster no more, man. Chuck’s been great to me. He’s helped me out a lot. So I can’t do it now. But if you want to, I will laugh at it.”

While it’s well documented that Draymond and Chuck haven’t always seen eye to eye, that dicey relationship seems to have changed now with them having to work together.

In the past, Barkley has called Dray out for his confrontational style of play and trash talk when the “Splash Brothers” (Curry and Thompson) aren’t in lineup. Barkley often refers to Dray’s offensive production as “triple singles.” 

Barkley also hopped in his time machine and rehashed Green’s kicking other players in the jewels during the 2016 NBA Finals. There’s been multiple other instances where the two trash talking heavyweights have clashed.

Things came to a head in March 2020, when Green, a three-time NBA champion, said, “Charles Barkley should stop before I take his job. Because I can do that well, too …. He also can’t talk basketball with me either. Not smart enough, not qualified. No rings, can’t sit at this table.”

As great a player as Green is, he’s no “Sir Charles.” Barkley is a Hall of Famer and all-time great who’s led franchises while also being named MVP.

The addition of Draymond Green adds another incredible personality to a TNT team that will be a blast to listen to on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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