Cam’ron Got Kicked Out Of College For Pistol-Whipping Somebody | Cam, Who Was Really About That Life, Sends Stern Warning To Ja Morant About Faking Mental Health Problems

The NBA Finals have taken center stage over the last few weeks, but with them now finished the league is expected to lay down the punishment for Memphis Grizzlies star point guard Ja Morant.

The former Murray State Racers star and 2019 No. 2 overall pick is once again in hot water for brandishing a handgun in a social media video. It was Morant’s second time in two months doing so, and it was even more surprising than his first incident considering he was still dealing with the blowback and fallout.  

Many celebrities and former gangsters, current gang members and former gangster rappers turned community advocates have told Morant to focus on being an NBA star, and not the image he’s been trying to portray with his social media antics.

One person who’s been pretty vocal on the matter from the jump is rapper Cam’ron, who likens Morant’s situation to something similar that he dealt with back in the day. 

Cam Takes To Social Media To Warn Morant 

In an Instagram post, Cam shared photos of himself at Navarro Junior College in Texas, after he finished a promising high school hoops career, and he even explained how that came to an end. 

“I was on some bull sh*t in college,” Cam’ron said. “I got kicked out for pistol whipping a n-gga. Which I don’t condone lucky I had a plan B and C. Ja don’t be me you can’t rap!!! lol as you can see it’s a little blurry but it was still the set.”

Strong words from Cam’ron, who was once one of the better high school players in all of New York City. He grew up in the same building as former Providence star God Shammgod.

He and teammate, good friend and fellow rapper Ma$e, aka Mason Betha, even led their high school team to the state championship game at MSG with a win over former NBA star Stephon Marbury’s Lincoln High School squad. Although they lost the title game, it catapulted Cam’ron to go on to the next level, where he eventually screwed up his chances at furthering his career on the hardwood. 

Cam’Ron Continues To Address Ja Morant Situation

This isn’t the first time Cam, who now has a voice as a rising street sports analyst, has spoken his peace on Morant.

In March, Cam likened Morant’s first incident to “Gary Coleman Syndrome.” Cam even questioned what Ja’s supposed “healing process” was about following the fallout.

“The f*ck is a healing process?!” He asked on his “It Is What It Is” podcast. “See, you know happens on some G sh*t, and I’m not being funny or none of this sh*t because they’ll say we insensitive because we grew up in another era. 

“N-ggas gotta stop playing with this mental health sh*t, for real. When n-ggas ain’t doing sh*t right, n-ggas is running to that. ‘You know what? I bugged out and my brain ain’t working right.”

League Sues Cam’ron’s Label 

In 1999, Cam’s label Untertainment was sued for the planned album cover of his 2000 release “SDE,” which stood for Sports, Drugs and Entertainment.

The cover depicted a handgun in the NBA logo of a dribbling player.

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