“This Some Podcast Beef” | Pat Bev Had To Call Off His Chicago Goons From Coming After Cam’ron And Mase For Recent Exchanges On Sports Podcast

Cam’ron and Mase have shaken up the sports world with their new unhinged sports show “It Is What It Is.” The rappers made a splash in April when they went after Patrick Beverley. They criticized the scrappy Chicago native for his poor offensive performance after he made a comment about not having sex before games. Beverley’s friends from his old neighborhood apparently didn’t like the comments and were willing to take a trip to New York to express how they felt.

(From left) Cam’ron speaking on his show, Patrick Beverley speaking on his podcast, Mase speaking on his show with Cam’ron. (Photos: Pat Bev Pod/Twitter)

Podcast Talk

In April, Cam’ron and Mase responded to Beverley’s avowal that he holds to a pregame ritual of no sex the night before games, and the two went a little overboard with their comments.

“Pat you got permission to bone before the games. You averaging a single-single, you my n**** but go get you some p**** before the game,” said Cam’ron.

Someone from Beverley camp must’ve sent him a clip and he responded on his podcast a few weeks later.

“Very, interesting. I thought he was different. It’s some things you just don’t speak on when you dealing with — when you’re dealing with other real ones. Like, you know, I thought, like, he was one of them ones that truly understand the grind, truly understand like, making something out of nothing,” Beverley said in response.

Beverley is known for his tenacious defense and effort but not so much his offensive skill set. So that is probably why he was taken aback by Cam’ron’s comments that referenced his offense.

Nonetheless, he went to make a comparison from Cam’ron’s role in the movie “Paid In Full.”

“Rather go out like Rico than how my man money Mitch went out,” said Beverley. “I feel like if I’m 47 years old, I am not really on media like that. I am with my family, tucked off, in Europe. Big house, live in a castle.”

Keep It Going

Cam’ron and Mase heard Beverley’s response and kept the “podcast beef” going.

“All I was saying was go get yourself some p****. Nobody tryna play you and s***. You telling me I should be living in a castle in Europe but I like America. I got mad cribs in America. Then you said I should be chilling out at 47 years old. I can’t be on social media or the internet at 47?” said Cam’ron.

Then, he explained to Beverley that their sports show is not a regular sports show. He also attempted to issue an apology before his co-host Mase interrupted him.

“Yeah, you crazy, man. Choke you out, Pat, you wildin’ Pat. Choke you out, Pat,” said Mase.

He continued, “Naw, we ain’t fans, Pat. Choke you out like Sprewell.”


Not Funny

Cam’ron and Mase comments were said in playful manner, but Beverley associates didn’t find it funny.

Beverley explained late last month on “The Pat Bev Podcast With Rone” that he was in Chicago and one of his friends asked him, “What’s to Mase, bro?”

He went on to say that they didn’t like Mase making a joke about choking Beverley and offered to send some of their acquaintances in New York to go press them.

“Naw, naw, naw. Relax, relax man. It ain’t that deep. We just, it just podcasting. You feel me? We are just podcasting. It’s podcast beef,” Beverley said to his friend.

Beverley defused the situation and things should be good between the rival podcasters now.

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