DeMar DeRozan Having A Hot Boy Summer With His Ex and Current Girlfriend Cheering Him While Each Holding A Baby At Drew League | Photos Light Up The Rumor Mill

Chicago Bulls star DeMar DeRozan is the quiet storm in the NBA and a bit enigmatic off the court. He’s a quintessential native Los Angeleno, proven so with his support as a player in Southern California’s renowned Drew League.

However, along with his playmaking abilities, DeRozan made waves at the Drew League this past weekend for more reasons than his on-court play. Supporting him on the sidelines were the mother of two of his daughters and his rumored girlfriend.

A recipe for disaster, much?

Screenshot of DeRozan’s rumored current and former girlfriend (IG: wagsunfiltered)

The two women were at the Drew League game. It is confirmed that DeRozan has at least two children with Kiara Morrison, however his current partner, Shavonti was also pictured holding a baby. It is unconfirmed if it is DeRozan’s. Shavonti was seen in the crowd showing support for her guy, with many questioning how the two women nearby could turn out.

In fact, how was DeRozan feeling at that moment? Scenes of Jody from “Baby Boy” meeting Yvette at her L.A. job while her coworker he was intimate with strolls up pop into mind.

Kiara Morrison and DeMar DeRozan reportedly met in college during DeRozan’s only season at the University of Southern California in 2009. She is the daughter of the former basketball player, Keith Morrison, known affectionately as Scooter.

Keith Morrison spent four years playing ball at Washington State from 1983-86 and was the school’s 15th player in history, surpassing the 1,000-point mark. He also finished ninth on WSU’s career scoring list with 1,077 points as a two-time All-Pac-10 Conference First Team selection. Morrison was the first Pac-10 Conference player drafted in the 1986 NBA Draft after being selected in the fifth round by the Sacramento Kings.

In 2013, DeRozan and Morrison reportedly got engaged, and they have two daughters, Diar DeRozan And Mari DeRozan. Their first Diar was born in 2013, and their second Mari was born in 2016.

It was reported that DeRozn ditched Morrison for Shavonti in 2018. The telltale sign was on social media as an insider said, “he follows Shavonti on Instagram and he no longer follows Kiara. He has been spotted in public with Shavonti. That is his girlfriend,” sports gossip outlet Terez Owens quoted its insider as saying that year.

However, the breakup was never officially reported leading many to believe DeRozan is simply living his best life in public. Additionally, Morrison is pictured holding a child much younger than her second born in 2016, further adding to the rumor mill.

Based in South Central Los Angeles, the Drew League has been going strong since 1973, playing every summer except 2020. DeRozan, who is from the Los Angeles area and went to USC, always enjoys coming back home to play.

DeRozan is coming off one of his best seasons with the Chicago Bulls, and he delivered a fantastic performance with LeBron James at the Drew League for their team, the Cheaters (no, really).

DeRozan added 30 points and 14 rebounds to the star-studded squad won, 104-102. He was also a legit MVP candidate in the NBA, helping the Chicago Bulls have a formidable NBA season.

With DeRozan coming home for a summer league tournament, pulling out LeBron and flexing on his ex in person with his current girlfriend, it looks like DeRozan is defining a hot boy summer.

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