Why Did Deion Sanders Show His Eight Toes To Shannon Sharpe? | Coach Prime Requests An Audit Of HBCU Accounting

ATLANTA, GEORGIA - DECEMBER 17: Head coach Deion Sanders of the Jackson State Tigers after the end of 2nd half of the Celebration Bowl against at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on December 17, 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Deion “Coach Prime” Sanders was interviewed in a road show episode of Shannon Sharpe’s “Club Shay Shay,” where he gave the world a glimpse at his eight toes since his multiple foot surgeries. Sanders also espoused his love for his former collegiate football program at Jackson State University and issued a challenge for HBCUs.

Why Does Deion Sanders Have Eight Toes? 

“Man you love getting pampered,” Sharpe said when he walked in on Sanders on the therapy table receiving a foot massage.

“I wish I was getting pampered. Ain’t no pampering with eight toes,” Sanders said.

“Man where the big toe?” Sharpe asked jokingly.

“You ain’t no good, see you ain’t no good you said we was going to be serious. It was a rough year last year. I had three surgeries for that. Turf toe, that’s what started everything. They told me my foot has been dislocated for eighteen years.” Sanders was receiving a foot massage in the physical therapy room of Colorado University.

“Two or three times a day, I have to. It starts hurting after a few hours, and I have to keep the blood circulating to get movement out of it. Like, I can make it through like three-quarters of a game, then after that, I’m on meds and everything. I’m limping, I’ve got a little stroll at the beginning of the game, and right at the third quarter I’m limping like crazy.”

What Did Daughter Shelomi Say Deion Sanders’ Feet Look Like? 

Sharpe isn’t the first person to publicly crack on Deion’s toe amputation. Daughter Shelomi, a player on Jackson State’s women’s basketball team, gave her dad some grief for his post-surgery appearance last season. she said his foot looked like a “Turkey leg at the fair.”

“It Looks Like A Turkey Leg At The Fair” | Deion Sanders’ Daughter Shelomi Is Latest To Crack Jokes About Dad’s Amputated Toes


Coach Prime takes it all in stride, but on a more serious note, Shannon asked how long Deion will have to deal with this.

“Forever. I think it’s my new normal. I’m down to like seven pills a day. It was like thirty-something pills a day. I’m on blood thinners and everything so if I get little cut, it’s over. You know this is the first time that I let people openly see this.

Sharpe couldn’t help himself and began to make fun of Sanders’s new predicament with, “No sandals for you, no flip-flops, huh?” and “One thing about my homeboy, he going to be eight toes down for ya.”

Why Did Deion Sanders Leave Jackson State? 


The former coach of Jackson State University caught so much heat from much of the culture for deciding to leave the school for Colorado University and felt the need to address it. He also addressed his concerns with the HBCU system in general.

“People are hurt, and when people are hurt, oftentimes their first response isn’t the response that should be given. They say things out of emotions and anger, but I listen because when a person say stuff that’s how they really feel when they’re emotional and hurt and angry. I just thought to myself if I didn’t know who I was and where I’m headed and if I didn’t know the Lord, I would believe some of those things. But I know me, I know my heart, I know my intentions off the rip, and I know God, and I know when He speaks.

“We put a blueprint in place, but I got the pen. So now really you not going to get the feeling that I gave you. My AD, Ashley Robinson said, ‘I want you to do something for me, at least give me two years.’ That’s what we discussed. We did more than we were expected to do. We just did it so expeditiously we overwhelmed you and you thought it was easy. Because what would normally take someone several years, we did it in two and a half.”

What Problems Does Deion Sanders Have With HBCU Schools?

Coach Prime revealed his true feelings about the HBCU system and his solutions to fix the financial issues felt across the institutions.

“Let’s talk about the overall funding of schools. I wanted to bring solvency to how we broke? How are we always asking? Why are we always in the deficit? Everybody? That’s a problem for me, so let’s investigate that. Not saying that anyone is stealing or doing anything unfair, but let’s investigate it so we can find fault so if its the state, if it’s the government, where is it coming or lack thereof.

“I was willing to hire a team to audit and find this because its impossible for all of us to be in the same situation unless it is true that only 7 percent of graduates are giving back to their alma maters and when they give its not substantial.”

Shannon Sharpe Thanks Deion Sanders On Club Shay Shay 

Sharpe, an alum of Savannah State University in Georgia, took the time to give Sanders his flowers during a time when many have viewed him as turning his back on HBCUs.

“As an HBCU alum, I want to thank you because you’re my friend, and even if you weren’t my friend, I want to thank you for the eyeballs that you brought. ‘College GameDay’ showed up to Jackson State. [The NFL] Commissioner, he showed up. You had so many scouts in and out week in and week out, and the attention you have brought to HBCUs, the way you’ve leveraged who you are, nobody has more uniform changes than Jackson State.”

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