Colorado Ain’t Jackson, Mississippi | Did Deion Sanders Jr. Get Fired Already From New Buffaloes Social Media Job? SWAC Speculates And Deion Claps Back

Deion Sanders Jr. is part of the University of Colorado Buffaloes as the social media manager. Still, when rumors swirled that his style of posting was unsatisfactory to the university’s brand, Coach Prime quickly squashed the speculation.

Deion, Jr. has managed social media for his father and the JSU football team during his Jackson State University coaching days. In a video posted to YouTube by the JAMMIN SPORT$ channel from eight months ago, Senior grills Junior on his role and ensures he understands what is being asked of him and what he will not respect.

Did Deion Sanders Jr. Get Fired?

“You know your responsibility, right?” Coach Prime said to his son in the video.

“Yessir,” Deion Jr. responded.

“What is it?”

“To build the social media. Handle the page. Post the videos, keep going,” Deion Jr. said.

“Take care of the school and my page. You got to keep us popping. Now one thing I don’t want is your stuff, your nonsense, you know, with your lifestyle, your other lifestyle on my page,” Coach Prime says emphatically.

The video cuts to Deion Jr. in his car, turning up with jewelry, modeling his Well Off clothing brand in furs, and cursing in past personal posts.

“I’m Coach Prime now, this is not your daddy talking, this Coach Prime and I’m hiring you, I’m paying you, so that means I can fire you just like I hired you. I’m glad to have you, man,” the father concluded.

The SWAC Reaction

Fast forward and HBCU sports social media page SWAC Buzz highlighted a post via screenshot from @deionsandersjr account that said, “@(blocked handle) said the stuff I was posting didn’t align with their image.”

The post had the following caption, “So apparently Colorado won’t let Deion Sanders Jr. post on their social media pages because what he post doesn’t align with their image. Hmmm,” with a coffee emoji at the end.

Coach Prime heard the digital chirping and clapped back on Twitter with his reality to set the record straight.

“This ain’t true,” Coach Prime posted. “He’s killing it with YouTube and he rather keep that income. He likes the freedom of spontaneity rather than missing a moment waiting on a green light. Which is understood by both parties. I’m all thy getting let’s get Understanding. God bless.”

SWAC Buzz followed with another tweet, “Lord Coach Prime bout to send the Prime mob after me. Let me close my DMs,” with a laugh/crying emoji at the end.

Rocky Mountains Mean Rocky Roads

Sanders Jr., took to Twitter before to let the world know that he “I’m just letting y’all know… I can’t get anybody into Colorado.” Due to his shared name with Coach Prime and the new influx of interest in the transfer portal since his departure from Jackson State University to Colorado, Deion, Jr. had to let the world know.

The move from an HBCU to a PWI has been a rocky road for the Sanders family, as many in the Southwestern Athletic Conference have pushed the “I told y’all he wasn’t SWAC” meme about Sanders. During the last SWAC championship game halftime, the band announcer said the exact words when Jackson State University Tigers clinched the football program’s second consecutive SWAC championship with a convincing 43-24 win over rival Southern.

Deion Sanders knows how to keep his children in the conversation and grow with him. Unfortunately, it comes at the price of their business dealings being dissected by the same audience they helped elevate to more prominence.

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