Def Jam’s “Special Leaks Division” Is Closing On A Suspect In The Yeezus Case

On Saturday, Kanye West claimed he doesn't give an eff about his album leaking four days early. Kanye doesn't care about album leaks, but Def Jam does. Between BP, the government and record labels, leaks are becoming a major issue. It seems like the film business remains one of the few industries immune to the epidemic. However, to combat this problem, Def Jam apparently employs a "special leaks division," according to TMZ. While most labels accept leaks as a fact of life, Def Jam isn't letting the premature release of Kanye West's Yeezus album, which hits store on Tuesday, go unpunished. It's only been two days and their leak detectives are allegedly closing on a suspect and will seek appropriate consequences when the time comes.

H/T to Starpulse

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