Dallas Cowboys are Still America’s Most Valuable Franchise

There may be some debate as to whether the Patriots are America's favorite team at the moment, but according to Forbes, the Dallas Cowboys have retained their title as the most valuable franchise in sports. This year, the Cowboys are worth $2.3 billion and their lead over the New England Patriots ($1.8 billion) and Redskins ($1.7 billion) was widened thanks to Jerry's World selling its naming rights to AT&T for $400 million.

Just as important as the Cowboys' individual wealth is that the NFL's most valuable average franchise(1.17 billion) is worth more than the top 20 soccer clubs in the world ($968 million). Unlike Man. U or Real Madrid, all that money is a tree falling in a forest because of the NFL's salary cap. Nine NFL teams are now worth less than $1 billion, but the most surprising of which are the Atlanta Falcons. On green turf or grass, the Falcons might wax the gridiron with Romo's Cowboys, but in the bank account, Jones' zeros are crushing Blank's.