Dak Prescott Will Determine How Far Dallas Cowboys Go This Season

Dak Prescott went through two years of arduous contract negotiations before settling on a four-year $160 million deal to be the Cowboys franchise quarterback back in March. 

The All-Pro quarterback knew he was worth it. Before a  gruesome ankle injury ended his 2020 season, Dak was on pace to shatter some all-time passing records. When it happened, the Monday morning quarterbacks and talking heads came out in full force. The subject of player holdouts — using Dak’s lame duck situation as an example — captivated the airwaves for a few days. 

Water Under The Bag

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones played hard ball in contract negotiations with the best player on his team. Jones raved about Dak as a player and a person, but he was reluctant to pay the franchise QB. It was also rumored that owner Jerry Jones considered trading Dak and signing a 43-year-old Tom Brady.

Dak probably felt insulted throughout the entire ordeal, but he kept his composure, never bad mouthed the organization or tried to sway public sentiment in his favor. 

He was all business, same as he was on Thursday Night against the Super Bowl Champs on the road Opening Night. Prescott picked right up where he left off before his injury. He was going to have to match Tom Brady in every facet if Dallas had hopes of beating the Tampa Bay Bucs in front of a rabid crowd still on a Super Bowl high. 

Dak carried Dallas in the same way that KD carried the Nets in Game 7 of the ECF against Milwaukee. Same result, too. The better team won, but it was clear who the superior baller on the field was. 

Dallas’ offense was a one man band with Dak throwing 58 times for 403 yards and three scores. Mike McCarthy got nothing from his running backs and that’s a large reason why they lost the game 32-29 on a last second drive by Tom Terrific. 

Prescott was slinging the ball all over the field at will, but the Dallas defense couldn’t muster key stops against the multi-faceted Tampa attack. The 6-foot-4 missle-launcher kept shooting until his clip was empty, giving Dallas an improbable one-point lead. Unfortunately Brady still had one in the chamber and his last second heroics snatched a fairytale return from Dak’s clutches.  

It was still all love for Dak all day on the sports media shows.

Dak shouldn’t feel bad at all because Brady has been changing the trajectory of opposing quarterbacks careers for years. Dallas fans can hate the loss, but they can’t hate the effort. They have to like how the future is looking. The NFC East division is definitely up for grabs and Dallas is a leading contender. 

Prescott proved that he is worth every penny and few teams have a quarterback as potent.  He’s in line for a career year, especially if he’s going to be throwing 55 times a game. 

The Dallas offense will be one of the more explosive units in the pass-happy NFL. As quarterback of America’s team Dak enjoys the luxury of driving one of the biggest brands in all of sports.

The Cowboys franchise is reportedly worth $6.9 billion dollars. Dak has reaped the benefits of the brand despite beinf underpaid in comparison to other elite quarterbacks. 

While Prescott wasn’t making huge money until 2021, he managed to lock down some key endorsement deals, including sponsorships from the likes of Pepsi, Campbell’s Chunky Soup, AT&T, New Era and more, so he’s collecting millions in off the field checks. His image is sound and he’s a company guy to tell the truth. 


Jerry Jones Praises Dak Prescott For Anti-Anthem Protest Comments


Dak may not be the first guy jumping out there to give his opinion on social justice, but he plays the position of quarterback and community role model as well as anyone.

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