Could We Be Looking At Beast Mode Part 3 in Seattle? 

Reports say Marshawn Lynch’s agent has been in contact with the Seattle Seahawks, hinting at a possible return for Lynch. This would be Lynch’s third stint with Seattle 

“As far as right now, What I do know — imma keep it solid — my agent has been in talks with Seattle,” Lynch told ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt late Monday night. “We’ll see what happens. If it works out, and I get back up there, it is what it is. If not, s**t. I’m livin’ good. I ain’t really trippin’ too much.”

Beast Mode played six peak seasons the seven best years of his HOF NFL career with the Seattle Seahawks where he won a Super Bowl with Russell Wilson and accumulated 6,381 of his 10,413 career rushing yards — good for 29th all-time.

The Oakland native, who has been enjoying his chill time and recently appeared on an episode of the hit show Bar Rescue, started his career in Buffalo before joining Seattle in 2010. After leaving the Seahawks, Lynch joined the Oakland Raiders for 21 games, before rejoining the Seahawks before Week 17 last season to boost their running game for the playoffs. 

His speech about riding into the sunset with his chicken, bread and mentals protected was thought to be his parting words of wisdom to the younger generation of ballers. From all accounts, he was hanging his cleats up and pursuing other interests. 

However, all of that downtime and this quarantine sports shutdown have given athletes plenty of time to analyze life, and apparently the game is still calling Marshawn. 

I say, he retired at the right time and should continue to protect his mentals. He has enough chicken to do other things.

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