Marshawn Lynch Says His Hennessy-Fueled Super Bowl 49 After-Party Included Over 900 Bottles

Former Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch once took the term Super Bowl hangover to another level. Thanks in part to Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson’s famous Super Bowl blunder, one cognac brand birthed a legendary moment with Beast Mode.

Lynch went on Kevin Hart’s “Cold As Balls” shows and revealed that in 2015, after the Seattle Seahawks’ loss to the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 49, Lynch and company went to an unnamed “resort” for an after-party and ran through unbelievable amounts of Hennessy. But anyone who knows about Lynch knows that his story might be true.

“So they had this little resort for us,” Lynch said. “I’m talking about, we blew that motherf—er down, I’m talking about the whole resort. Hennessy did some sh-t for me. They probably gave me, I think it was 76 cases of Hennessy, and I think it was probably like 12 bottles in each case.”

Hennything Is Possible

That is an unreal amount of cognac to consume quickly. But after the tragedy that Marshawn Lynch had to endure at the 1-yard line in that Super Bowl, Lynch would do anything he could to forget that.

When down 28-24 with 27 seconds left in the game, The Seattle Seahawks famously elected to throw the ball at the 1-yard line instead of handing the ball off to one of the most formidable power backs that the NFL has ever produced. Of course, Russell Wilson’s pass was intercepted by Malcolm Butler, which led him to become a Super Bowl hero, and coach Pete Carroll faced scrutiny that has followed him for the rest of his career.

“The play called … you know, the pick, damn,” Lynch said. “I come off the sideline and in my mind, I’m confused, and I’m walking by Pete, I’m just laughing at him like, ‘Bro, what the …,'” Lynch stated regarding his immediate reaction following the game-ending interception.

Lynch detailed a chance meeting with Lenny Kravitz, the halftime performer, after the Super Bowl en route to his Hennessy-fueled night after that upsetting defeat.

For anyone guessing how much Hennessy Beast Mode drank, CBS estimates that 76 cases of Hennessy equate to 912 bottles, and the number of cases he claims he drank, 15, would equate to 180 bottles of Hennessy. While that is humanly impossible to do, Lynch has a deep passion for Hennessy. That one-time Super Bowl champion told Peyton Manning in 2020 that he would take shots of Hennessy before his games as a superstitious pregame ritual.

Classic Marshawn

But while Lynch is known to have a good time with his Hennessy, he was also arrested last year for suspected drunken driving in Las Vegas and recently received a court date for November. He was arrested after they found him drunk and asleep in a damaged luxury car, and he told police that he stole the vehicle.

Lynch’s carefree, unfiltered Bay Area-influenced personality is gold for television and media, and we love the antics he partakes in. However, it might not be in his best interest to be around tons of alcohol.

Still, there’s no way he took down 180 bottles of Hennessy in one night, but one could bet their life savings that all of those bottles are long gone.

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