Beast Mode Much? Marshawn Lynch Quietly Crashed His Lambo Six Months Before His Recent DUI Arrest In Vegas

Marshawn Lynch might have a partying problem. The former Seattle Seahawks running back, who was recently involved in a DUI in Las Vegas that left his vehicle weirdly tireless, was involved in another fender bender six months earlier in Sin City.

Lynch also eluded police and had to be brought in after the fact because he stays on Beastmode. In late February, Lynch was reportedly behind the wheel of a 2014 white Lamborghini Aventador when he hit the curb, coming to a stop in a landscape area. Then his people tried to hold him down.

Someone claiming to be his cousin took responsibility for the crash at the scene, according to Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, saying he attempted to make a U-turn and “lost it.”

Ghost ride the whip much?

However, police claim they saw a black van pull up to the scene and pick up a person from the crashed Lambo, but Lynch’s “cousin” said to police, “No, I came in the van.” He later broke the cardinal rule, according to the police, “then changed his story to say the van came to pick up a passenger that was in the car,” per TMZ.

Although the man was issued citations, they were eventually voided after proving he was not the driver of the crashed luxury vehicle. Police finally contacted Lynch, who came to the traffic bureau for an interview on Feb 25. Police reported that he “took full responsibility for the collision,” claiming he didn’t know the guy who said he was his cousin.

Lynch, fresh to his new Nevada digs, claimed he was “unfamiliar with the area due to being a new resident.”

He claimed that he fled the scene because people were filming him because, you know, he’s Beast Mode, but Beast Mode doesn’t want to be filmed in the aftermath of a self-inflicted car crash.

Eventually, Lynch was cited for the February incident, striking a plea deal with prosecutors in April to close the case, per court records; he was also ordered to pay $750 in fines and fees.

However, six months later, Lynch was arrested for DUI in Las Vegas in a bizarre crash where he was discovered inside a 2020 Shelby GT500 with a tire missing, and Lynch was absent one of his shoes. The five-time Pro Bowler also allegedly said to the police “that he stole the vehicle” he was driving.

Police found the 36-year-old asleep at the wheel, and when they tried conversing with him, he would speak but “fall back asleep several times.”.

In addition, “Lynch was not cooperative or willing to comply with the Search Warrant and corrections officers from the City of Las Vegas had to use a restraint chair to force a blood draw,” per Las Vegas police.

Lynch’s attorneys have categorically downplayed both incidents, and the post-NFL career of an unlikely pop culture figure might be unraveling before the world’s eyes.

“Marshawn was not pulled over for a DUI. Rather the vehicle was safely parked and not in operation. We are confident that when all evidence is presented, this will not be a DUI under Nevada law. Marshawn appreciates and is thankful for everyone’s concern and support,” said a statement from Lynch’s attorneys.

What happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas unless you are Marshawn Lynch.

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