Beast Mode Celebrates 34th Birthday With ‘Bar Rescue’

Marshawn Lynch’s been staying busy since he officially retired at the end of last season.

He’s protecting his chicken and his mentals and he is a football success story as far as finances and health go. He’s active in the Oakland community and always looking to help his people — and his family. 

As Beast Mode celebrates his 34th birthday today (April 22), he also prepares for his appearance on the new episode of Jon Taffer’s Bar Rescue on Sunday, April 26th at 10 PM EST on Paramount Network. 

This episode is unique because Lynch has summoned the services of Taffer to help get Lynch’s family in line at his bar, Rob Ben’s, located in his hometown of Oakland, California. 

The staff of siblings, cousins, aunties, and uncles are pretty much wilding out and running the establishment into the ground. Lynch knows this and he gets with Taffer to try and fix it. This is sure to be one of the more interesting and comical episodes based on the following show clip.  

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