Cops Shoot Black Man Over 30 Times While Sitting In Parking Lot

Police in Barstow, California killed unarmed black man Diante Yarber on April 5th. According to The Guardian, the police fired about 30 shots at the 26-year-old Yarber when he was in a car sitting in a Walmart parking lot. He was believed to be unarmed.

The police claim that they wanted to question Yarber for a case involving a stolen vehicle and he “accelerated” his car towards the cops. But like many of these instances, the police’s account shouldn’t always be taken at face value. The police took him away for no reason, Brittany Chandler, who is the mother of one his children, told the The Guardian.

This police shooting comes less than a month after Sacramento Police killed unarmed Stephon Clark in his grandmother’s backyard. They claimed they thought he had a toolbar in his hand, but it was actually a cellphone.

Another tragedy, another soul lost.

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