Colin Cowherd Absurdly Blames Seahawks Purge On Woke Politics

Colin Cowherd was really reaching on a recent radio show when he attributed the Seahawks dismantling of The Legion of Boom and its recent transformation to the fact that they are a political team. 

We know why Cowherd chose to attack Seattle. Former team leader and defensive end Michael Bennett was among the most outspoken players during this past year of protest turmoil and confusion in the NFL. 

Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin were among the several other outspoken players. The Seahawks were one of the more tolerant NFL franchises as far as allowing players to express themselves freely and make public statements that were political and socially conscious in nature 

Awful Announcing on Twitter

According to Colin Cowherd, “political” teams cannot be successful, as evidenced by the Seahawks dismantling their team. Did he notice that the Eagles won the Super Bowl? Has he watched the NBA over the past six years?

Cowherd used them as an example of the dangers of bringing politics into the NFL saying,  …this is the NFLs most tolerant and progressive team now admitting that whole political thing in the locker room doesnt work.

I’m sorry Colin, but didn’t Seattle win a Super Bowl and go to two in a row with those same players? 

It seemed like another feeble attempt by a right-wing journalist to gain brownie points with a dying Republican party led by a President who lacks the respect of his constituency and promotes a dying philosophy in this country.  

Politics is not a deterrent to success. 

Did the Philadelphia Eagles not just win the Super Bowl? 

Malcolm Jenkins is the co-founder of The Players Coalition and he raised fists and kneeled for the anthem. He defied the President in order to raise awareness for social injustice, police brutality and oppression in this country. 

Jenkins was lauded by people of color and supporters of an equal America and villainized in some sectors, considered a political enemy of the flag. No matter what side of the coin you fall on, the impact of his leadership was undeniable.  

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Malcolm Jenkins confirmed he has no intentions to go to the White House after the Eagles won the Super Bowl.

He mediated the $90 million dollar accord between the NFL and protesting players. If anyone was a general in the recent NFL protests and the players fight to bring light to the injustice in this country, it was Jenkins. 

It didn’t seem to affect his play or the success of the Eagles who won the Superbowl. The team that was probably considered the most political and socially conscious in the NFL ended up performing better than anyone else, including the favorite team of conservative Americans, the New England Patriots. 

The Shadow League on Twitter

Chris Long stands with Malcolm Jenkins during his anthem protest in a very powerful moment. (via @AP_Sports)

Look no further than the NBAs Cleveland Cavs and Golden State Warriors to find high profile NBA teams with the games best players making statements through their dress, through symbolic gestures, messages on sneakers and financial contributions made to various youth organizations and initiatives aimed at community empowerment. 

Add in the outspoken Spurs coach Gregg Popovich, who has called out President Trump and the government on several occasions, and the last six NBA titles were won by freedom fighters of sorts.  

If anything, the truth is the complete opposite of what Cowherd is implying. When teams stick together, respect each other and take the time to consider the importance of each other’s beliefs, there is a winning chemistry that develops beyond the court or the field. 

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Here’s video from this powerful Gregg Popovich quote: “We live in a racist country that hasn’t figured it out yet, and it’s always important to bring attention to it, even if it angers people.”

Cowherd sounds outdated with that rant and he’s totally, purposely appealing to a dying breed of people in this country who continue to play ignorant to the real issues.  

We are in the age of the politically conscious athlete. 

Players are woke. A systematic and contrived attack on players protesting and expressing their constitutional rights won’t work in curbing their enthusiasm for using their platform to improve the world. 

Right wing and privileged folk like Cowherd will continue to try and attack any form of social consciousness by players of color. Everyone’s money train is counting on these players staying quiet and providing social media, high paid talking heads and news outlets with topics to discuss on their shows. 

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KEEP IT TO YOURSELF- The Seattle Seahawks offseason moves indicate that keeping politics out of the locker is a priority. @ColinCowherd explains.

The numbers have shown that people of color being socially conscious and expressing themselves hurts the business of those white owners and tastemakers that were doing quite well under the old suppressive order of operations. And gets under the skin of fans who see players as nothing more than entertainment. 

Players now refuse to just Shut up and Dribble. And their winning championships in the process.

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