Gregg Popovich has been a rider for equality in America lately as an NBA head coach. 

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Gregg Popovich went off:

Though he's an NBA champion and a surefire Hall of Fame coach, there are those who would act in some manner to curtail his honesty if they could.  But it wasn’t that long ago when I, a San Antonio Spurs fan since before David Robinson, was scratching my head when Popovich once stated that foreign players “work harder than most American players.” I was seriously questioning my allegiance to the franchise.  

The reason being is because most foreign players these days are from European countries. So, in my reactionary state, my first inclination was to think that Pop was using some kind of dog whistle to show his appreciation for white players over black players.  

Of course that’s not what he was trying to say, but our feelings, which are inextricable from life’s bumps and bruises, aka trauma, often cause reactions to stimuli that is otherwise benign relative to the negative connotation that we place upon them.

But, since Gregg Popovich has been the leading voice among NBA head coaches against racial discrimination and calling out white nationalism, that initial reaction to an innocent statement made five years ago has disintegrated. In its place stands a profound level of respect for a man who refuses to shut up, wince or mince words when confronting the evils of American society-at-large. Here’s his latest brave moment.