Chris Broussard Leads The Charge For Change

ESPN reporter Chris Broussard has created a website and organization based on strengthening men through Christ. The organization is known is K.I.N.G. which is an acronym for Knowledge, Inspiration and Nuture through God. Broussard has gained a national profile with his work for ESPN and is putting it to good use by promoting brotherhood, accountability and fellowship amongst men.

The group will be open to all men but will have a strong focus on African American men. The mission statement lays out a plan for how the group will touch lives.

To empower men to reach our God-given potential in every realm of life through the power and grace of The Lord Jesus Christ. To help us become the husbands, fathers, leaders, citizens and role models God created us to be. To present to our families, communities, nation and world an image of men as God-fearing, family-oriented, moral, loving, intelligent, responsible and productive. To glorify The Most High God by walking in true Biblical manhood.

Broussard also has a very solid group of board members including former NBA all-stars Michael Redd and Allan Houston.

We so often hear about the ills of black men but we rarely hear any solutions. I love Broussard for stepping up to the plate with actual action. No matter what your religious beliefs are this is change you can believe in.

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