Cardi B’s Hot 97 Interview Was A Lesson In Child Care And Boob Jobs

Cardi Bs appearance on Hot 97s Ebro In the Morning was one of the more entertaining radio interviews Ive heard in a long time.  

Cardi B, still reeling off the success of her SNL appearance and debut album, expressed how relieved she feels that the pregnancy produced from her relationship with with Offset of Migos is now public. She also spoke about why she kept it hidden in the midst of her whirlwind success. 

In one segment, they were discussing her venture into motherhood and it provided for some entertaining and enlightening and blunt conversation between the morning team and the billboard chart-topping, hit making, dime from the BX, whose latest album, Cardi B’s ‘Invasion of Privacy’  went gold on its release day. Cardi is the first female rapper in history to have an album become certified gold on the first day. Ebro reviewed the album on April 6th, live in the Hot 97 studio. 

Ebro In The Morning Reviews Cardi B’s New Album ‘Invasion Of Privacy’


In this latest interview, Ebro starts giving Cardi advice on getting sleep now while shes carrying because when the baby comes, you wont be able to get no sleep.

Bruh. When that baby comes Ebro warned.  

Cardi B lets out a big sigh and says: I thought that they sleep in the beginning a lot.


Ebro then says: They wake up every 90 minutes to two hours. You might get three-four hours of sleep if you lucky.

Cardi has dealt with many challenges in her life, but motherhood is something that she admits to welcoming but being clueless about. 

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Cardi B makes Billboard history:

Theres other things you can do, said co-host Laura Stylez, …you can pump and leave it ready, just in case mommy is taking care of the baby

Ebro, who apparently has a degree in child care, blasted Styles for offering her opinions but not having any babies of her own yet and proceeded to break down to Cardi B the art of breastfeeding.  

If you’re breastfeeding, your boobs after three or four hours, they start to hurt and then you gotta pump or they start hurting. You think its like your first boob job now, wait until your boobs are rock solid with milk inside of them. 

Cardi B immediately switched the conversation to her experiences of dealing with her first breast augmentation surgery. 

Nah. That boob job was serious and I had it when I was 19,” Cardi said.  “I weighed like 100 pounds. Ooooh it was like a truck hit me, like the 4 Train hit my chest….” 

Yeah I had some little titties. I went from an A Cup to a D Cup. 

Ebro: Yeah that hurt.that hurt 

Then everybody started busting out laughing. 

(Enhancing my breasts) Its the best thing I ever did, Cardi said as the laughter broke and the conversation switched to her days as a stripper. 

The tips went up, the tips went up, Ebro said. 

The tips went up, everything fit better, yeahh, Cardi responded.  

Cardi B Talks About Pregnancy For First Time, Her & Offset’s First Date & 3-Somes

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