Cardi B Indianapolis Concert Postpone Minutes Before Show

Tuesday night Cardi B’s show at the Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis was canceled due to what police are calling “unverified threat”. The announcement was made half an hour before it was set to start—with many fans already at the venue.


The Bankers Life Fieldhouse notified fans via Twitter, stating that the show will now be pushed to September 11.


The rapper later tweeted, “Dear Indiana people I’m so sorry for today. I will like to let you know I was at the venue I was even rehearsing a new move I been excited to do on my show. Unfortunately, there was a security threat that is currently under investigation right now. My safety and your safety first.”

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department confirmed that officials “were notified of an unverified threat to the artist and the artist canceled this evening’s concert—there is no immediate threat to public”.


Cardi recently met with and recorded a campaign video for Senator Bernie Sanders–who is running for President in 2020.



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