“Can’t Imagine Having To Send My Kids To School With That Anxiety” | Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott Scared To Have Kids After Texas School Shooting

This week has once again shown us that we need stronger gun laws in the United States. On Tuesday, a gunman walked into Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, opened fire, and killed 19 fourth-grade students and two teachers.

It was the 27th school shooting and 212th mass shooting in 2022 alone. The senseless act of violence robbed innocent children of lives, shattered families and permanently traumatized many families. It also left a community in shambles and a country mourning.

In the wake of the tragedy, many spoke out against the senators who refuse to vote for stricter gun laws. Others, like Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott, questioned whether he even wants children, afraid of something like this happening to his.



In an interview with Dallas Morning News, the two-time Pro Bowl signal caller had a lot to say about the matter. 

“We’re talking about children. We’re talking about the future. I mean, I don’t have kids, but I can’t imagine having to send my kid to school with that anxiety. Honestly, it makes me fearful to have children, and that’s not right, that’s sad.”

Prescott like many others, including his head coach Mike McCarthy, want to see some things change in Congress.



Prescott Wants To Action Taken Immediately

Dak joins the tens of millions of others in the United States that want to see a call to action, to rectify things that could help deter tragedies like this from happening so easily.


“I think too many times we run from conflict. It’s the conversations. The political leaders, the law enforcement and our community, the ones they are serving, getting them face to face and allowing them to have those open dialogues of why they feel uncomfortable or don’t feel protected or what this anxiety or stigma is that’s pulling us apart.

“Let’s bring it to the forefront so we can have uncomfortable conversations but can get somewhere from them and not to show division like we are.”



It’s vital for someone of Prescott’s stature to step up and talk. He’s one of the faces of one of the most iconic brands in sports, and it happened in the state in which he plays the game of football for a living.

 Prescott And Cowboys Are In Win Now Mode

Following a season where the Cowboys finished 12-5, winning the NFC East division, they were upset in the opening round of the playoffs by the 49ers, adding to a laundry list of underachieving playoff runs under Jerry Jones. While Prescott did have his best year as a pro, passing for nearly 4,500 yards, a career-high 37 touchdowns and 10 interceptions, it wasn’t enough to get the Cowboys to the second round of the postseason.

 The playoff loss didn’t sit well with Jones, who let it be known.

The pressure is on Dak even more so this season, as he’ll be tasked to lead the Cowboys without his top target Amari Cooper, who was traded to the Cleveland Browns. But he’s being paid $40 million per year to do so.

Football doesn’t seem as important in light of what happened this week, and whether we have kids or not, these kinds of attacks make us all fearful for what the future holds. Celebrity, money, fame. None of those things can keep your kids safe from unsuspecting acts of terror.

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