Cam’ron Tells Ben Simmons To Get The F*&k Outta New York

New York rapper Cam’ron has never been one to hold his tongue on his feelings about much of anything. The Harlem native known for his catchy verses and hooks recently talked about Brooklyn Nets star Ben Simmons on his “It Is What It Is” sports talk show.

On the episode with fellow rapper Mase, Cam’ron whose legal name is Cameron Giles, called out Simmons for not averaging 10 points per game. Giles’ beef stems from a bet he made with Mase prior to the season that Simmons would average at least ten points this season.

Simmons, who’s currently dealing with a back injury, has very little time to increase his scoring average from 6.9, to double-digits before season’s end. That has drawn the ire of Giles, who basically told him to get hell out of New York. But it didn’t stop Mase from asking for Cam’ron’s debt to be paid during the show. 

“I just need my money. You a man of your word,” Mase told Cam, who was reluctant to pay up. “I just need my $1. You promised me I would get a dollar. Ben Simmons was not averaging 10 points per game.”

Cam, reluctantly and laughingly obliged. 

Cam’ron Wants Simmons Out Of NYC

Simmons, the three-time All-Star, has seen his play and overall performance consistently decline. And for that Cam’ron wants the former LSU star to bounce up out the city. 

“Ben Simmons, at this point, you costing me money. I don’t know where you gonna go, but get the f–k out of New York,” the Come Home With Me rapper said. “Personally, we don’t want you around. You’re a disgrace. 

“Philly, y’all are suckas for shipping him over to us. Y’all can take him. Personally, you f-cked your whole stock up. I don’t know anybody that want you, but you can leave New York, you costing me money.”

Simmons is no stranger to being called out by Cam’ron for his below-average play. 

Early in the season, with the Nets struggling under then-head coach Steve Nash, Cam took to Instagram to say this about Simmons’ lackluster effort. 

“Look, I’m gonna be real brief and short, pause. Ben Simmons, stop wasting my n-ggas’ time. I’m dead f-cking serious. Stop playing with my n-ggas, man. You’ve got n-ggas playing two-on-f-cking-five out there. Stop playing with n-ggas, man.”

“If you don’t want to f-cking play basketball, go to f-ck with the Kardashians, the Jenners, whoever the f-ck you with. Now when we watch it on TV it’s like, Oh it’s all good. I went to the f-cking game last night and I watched you shoot an airball layup.”

At the time of rant, Cam, also made sure to put his name with it, and not former Nets stars Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. 

Simmons Is A Flawed Player Who Doesn’t Love Basketball 

At one point in his NBA career was once considered one of league’s top 24 players. That’s what three consecutive All-Star appearances (2019-21) will do. At one point he was often compared to LeBron James, because of skill set, from a passing and setting teammates up standpoint. Now he looks like a shell of his former self who really doesn’t look like he enjoys playing anymore.

Moving him out of New York is virtually impossible, with nearly $80 million left on his current five-year, $177 million deal. 

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