Cam’ron Dips To The Sports Set | The Rapper Teases New Sports Show And Flexes Reporting Chops

Rapper Cam’ron has a new sports show


Cam’ron has excelled as a rapper, producer, and actor, and now he’s trying his hand at sports reporting. He has a new sports show called “It Is What It Is Talk” he says will be out later this month.

Legendary Rapper Cam’ron Has A New Sports Show 

It’s unclear what type of sports show this will be, but it looks like there will be a “breaking news” or “live reporting” segment to the show. Cam showed off his reporting skills on an incident involving former Chicago Bulls player Ben Gordon, who was allegedly detained after attempting to stab people with knitting needles.

Cam’ron reported on the alleged incident and posted it to his Instagram page.

“It’s ya boy Killa Cam, reporting for It Is What It Is Talk, outside of Harlem Hospital where former NBA player and Sixth Man of the Year Ben Gordon seems to be having some mental issues. Trying to stab people. Weapon of choice? Sewing needles,” Cam said before the camera panned to the building behind him. “Police took him to Harlem Hospital, where he tried to make a brazen escape and leave the hospital.”

In the clip it cuts to what is actually a knitting needle on the ground, which Cam reports were one of the needles used to allegedly attack people. The clip also shows Ben Gordon handcuffed by police outside of a Harlem apartment building before showing Gordon at a hospital.

What Happened To Fromer NBA Star Ben Gordon?

No other news or media source has original reporting on this incident. So it’s unclear if this is a legitimate effort by the Dipset rapper or some sort of social media stunt.

Gordon has been vocal about his ongoing struggles with mental health, penning a first-person account in the Players’ Tribune in February 2020. It has been dark for Gordon, contemplating suicide.

“There was a point in time when I thought about killing myself every single day for about six weeks. I would be up on the roof of my apartment building at four o’ clock in the morning, just pacing to the edge of the ledge, looking over — pacing back and forth, back and forth — just thinking, I’m really about to do it, B. I’m about to escape from all this sh-t.”

Gordon made headlines for the wrong reasons in October when he was accused of striking his 10-year-old son in public as the two were at the airport in New York City.

A month later, the former Bulls guard was detained for striking two McDonald’s security guards located in the Chicago area in the early hours of the morning. The guards were said to be escorting Gordon off the premises for undisclosed reasons before the altercation got physical.

It is clear that Gordon needs help, as evidenced by these latest incidents and if the alleged attempted stabbing with knitting needles is also true, that help needs to come now before these ends tragically.

Gordon was in therapy, it’s unclear if he was also on medication. But something more intense might be necessary here.

As for Cam’Ron if this is a legitimate media venture, this was quite the story to announce your presence.