Cam’Ron And Mase Laughingly Admit To Alleged Old Crimes Because In Podcasting, “It Is What It Is”

The world of sports podcasts has become convergent with the rap world, and although the rules for sports commentary have bent rapidly, some subjects are still taboo. Rappers and reunited besties Mase and Cam’ron have caught some traction with their online podcast, It Is What It Is; however, during a walk down memory lane, the topic turned highly toxic.

“We were gangbanging b****es,” Cam’ron said during a recent episode. “I’m glad my man lets me talk about the past. We was in the whorehouse one time, me and Murda (Mase). So we left the venue and took the b***h out the whorehouse. I had a crib on 144th; a little stash crib over there between 7th and Lennox. We brought this b**h over there.”

Let’s start a count of indictable offenses that Cam’ron is willingly admitting to while laughing profusely: one, acknowledging that you paid for sex and two, that you once owned a “stash” house, typically code for a place to conceal illegal goods.

Wait, It Gets Way Worse

By the way, Cam’ron was just getting started on his admissions. During the podcast, there are constant commercials for his sexual performance pills that feature the objectification of women as the primary selling point. This is relevant to what he is about to describe next.

“So Mase was kind of on the way up, he didn’t have his [record] deal, but he’s popping, it’s about to happen, and I’m his man so you know we’re still in Harlem,” Cam’ron continues. “The b***h sucked, pardon me, ladies we already talking or whatever, she sucking his dk. I got to wait, pause, to get my d**k sucked because I’m not hard yet, pause.

“I’m not getting hard off her sucking his d**k. So when he start hitting it, I go get head and so she giving me head and he’s hitting it from the back and he start hitting her saying, ‘you wasn’t sucking my d**k like that.'”

The two stressed that the young lady requested the activity. Still, during a time when Mase’s former employer, Sean “Diddy” Combs, is experiencing cancellation after settling a lawsuit for sexual abuse with singer Cassie, the timing of this information couldn’t be worse.

Sports and locker room talk are synonymous, but the ease with which Cam’ron is using his platform to weave in red-light district moments with him and Pastor Mase is not only disturbing but also could become legally dangerous. The willingness to expose what can be viewed as sexual predation during the guise of sports talk is appalling and the intersectionality is starting to go towards a dangerous place.

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