Cam Newton Still Has A Soft Spot For the Atlanta Falcons

Cam Newton, who is from the Atlanta area, admitted to still being a Falcons fan except for when the Panthers play them twice a year. This comes after Colin Kaepernick was spotted rocking a Dolphins hat.

We're still waiting on the NFL season to start, so this is what we're paying attention to since mini and training camp don't really do much for conversation. But really, we can't expect guys not to have rooting interests around the league, whether it's the team they grew up rooting for or the teams their boys play for. 

The ultra-competitive narrative goes a bit psycho when we start wondering if a guy can care about winning and rooting at the same time. 

Cam only has to be against the division rival Falcons twice a year when the squads go head-to-head. He should be able root for them to win every game other than and it not be a big deal.