Browns Cut DT Perrion Winfrey After Woman Calls Him A “P- – -y,” Has Him Arrested On Claims He Assaulted Her

The Cleveland Browns released defensive tackle Perrion Winfrey on Wednesday after video was released of him allegedly assaulting a woman and threatening her with a gun. Winfrey has not been arrested, but is listed as a suspect in an aggravated robbery, a first-degree felony.

Did The Alleged Victim Harass Winfrey?

According to a statement from the alleged victim, taken by police, a woman claimed that she and a friend knew Winfrey and had his number in her phone. When she saw him in a hotel lobby, she shouted out his name. When he didn’t respond, she called him a “p—y.”

Afterward, Winfrey allegedly got upset and followed them outside the hotel. Stating that she became afraid, the woman started recording on her phone. According to the report, Winfrey allegedly went for her phone, saying, “I’ll smack the s— outta you” before striking the left side of her neck. The woman also claimed that during the incident Winfrey pulled up his shirt to show a gun tucked in his waist. After Winfrey left with their phones, the women called police.

While law enforcement was present on the scene Winfrey allegedly called the victim and was placed on the phone with the police. The victim must have had another phone because it’s not clear whose phones Winfrey took when he left the scene.

According to police Winfrey told them, over the phone, that the woman and her friend were “harassing” him and he admitted to taking their phones.

Police allegedly asked Winfrey to return to the hotel, but he refused citing security concerns. Winfrey ended up dropping the phones off near the hotel and the police were able to retrieve them.

Police were able to watch the video and allege they observed a red abrasion on the victim’s neck.

Not The First Time Winfrey Has Been In Trouble With The Law

This is not Winfrey’s first run-in with police as a member of the Browns. He was arrested in April on a misdemeanor assault charge against a woman he was dating. But the charges were later dismissed after he completed a pretrial diversion program.

Winfrey was also a robbery victim in June, when he and teammate Greg Newsome II were robbed at gunpoint outside a club.

Winfrey was a fourth-round draft selection out of Oklahoma in 2022. He appeared in 13 games as a rookie, recording 22 tackles. 

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