Brian Finneran’s Maniacal MAGA Twitter Fingers Take Aim At Eric Reid

A former NFL receiver feels offended by Eric Reid’s very existence, apparently.


First off, do y’all know who Brian Finneran is? 

Well, if you don’t then that’s cool. Most Americans wouldn’t have a clue as to who this guy is unless they’re NFL fans, and even then a great number would cram to remember the very forgettable slot receiver who played for the Philadelphia Eagles and Atlanta Falcons for a decade if it weren’t for his laughable inclusion on the All-Madden 25th Anniversary Edition for some psychopant reason.

However, he’s in the news once again, and not for his play on the field seeing as though he hasn’t suited up in eight years. No, he’s in the news for telling Eric Reid to ‘go kneel in the locker room’ following his ejection from the Thursday Night Football beat down of the Carolina Panthers by the steadily gelling and compelling offense of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

In the 3rd quarter, as Big Ben Roethlisberger scrambled for his longest rush of the season, safety Eric Reid was called for a late hit as Ben was in the process of sliding when Reid struck him with his shoulder. Not only was Reid called for the penalty but was ejected from the game.

It is at pivotal moments in history that our mindsets are revealed to all the world. Brian Finneran, who has been sitting at home on his ass for nearly a decade, was gravely offended by Reid. Not only for the hit he placed on Big Ben, but apparently for protesting as well.

Brian Finneran on Twitter

Now Eric Reid can go take a knee in the locker room.

The very first individual to respond to the tweet was former Falcons All-Pro running back Jamal Anderson. Other respondents followed suit as well, admonishing Finneran for his ill-advised hot take.

Say It With Ya Chest: The History Behind Reid’s Sellout Jab Runs Deep

Eric Reid is a fiery dude. That can’t go understated. There has to be some kind of flame burning within for him to risk his entire career participating in the protest movement that has resulted in the apparent banishment of Colin Kaepernick from playing in the NFL.

It’s no surprise to anyone that former players are fuming at Eric Reid being able to play on Sundays after he was virtually blackballed for being one of Colin Kaepernick’s most ardent supporters.

Finneran is something of a sports media mainstay in Atlanta, and a scan of his timeline showed several tweets in support of Donald Trump’s MAGA credo, and a disdain for Colin Kaepernick.

Brian Finneran on Twitter

Kaepernick Explains Protest of National Anthem” unreal! Do something productive not disrespectful! Or move out!

Again, none of this is a surprise in a league that feverishly clings to last century’s sensibilities and social silliness. In this instance, Finneran, who grew up in California,  serves as a barometer for the type of hatred that Kaep, Reid, and the rest of those who protested, still face from both current and former NFL players who still cling to the idea that the player protest was against the anthem and not police brutality and racial injustices in America.

It’s willful ignorance on its face, but expected in these tumultuous times where sensationalism and rage take precedence over logical discourse.

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