Bradley Beal Wants To Hand Paul George Multiple Ls In Madden

Challenging someone in a video game standoff is serious business.

While attending NBA All-Star events in Charlotte, NC, I had a chance to chat with Bradley Beal about gaming and his interest in Madden Esports. Hearing NBA players talk about gaming isn’t anything new.

Challenging someone in a video game standoff is serious business.  And that’s exactly what Washington Wizards Bradley Beal did to Oklahoma City Thunder’s Paul George.

We’ve heard George, Anthony Davis, Karl-Anthony Towns, to name a few, talk about their love for video games. But of course, a good amount of them enjoy playing basketball-based games. Beal, on the other hand, seems to be passionate about Madden, a connection that stems from his childhood.

Madden (is my favorite game),” Beal said, ” I come from a football family so all of my four brothers (we played it growing up.)”

He continued to talk about his fondest moments playing the game. “The competitiveness with my brothers…I remember countless nights when we were together playing Madden…everyone was piled up in a room and there are only two controllers and we had to figure it out.”

When asked who he would challenge in a video game standoff, his answer was simple. Paul George. If you don’t know already, George is reportedly known for being nice with NBA2k. But, what about Madden? Well, we don’t know the full answer to this question.

However, George saw the challenge and accepted it via Twitter. OKC fans on social media, of course, are down to see this video game match. But, their hopes are that this face-off will trigger their dreams of a potential trade for the Wizards guard.

Trade or not, this will definitely be an exciting video game match to watch. Crazy to know that I’m out here starting video game to say!


Erin Ashey Simon is a writer, producer, host and contributor for The Shadow League. Host of Cheddar Esports and Grass Routes Podcast, a former college athlete who passes the time playing flag football. Simon has previous work experience at Cycle Media, REVOLT TV, The Wall Street Journal, and more. Originally from New Jersey, Simon graduated from the University of Kentucky.