Blackballing Kaepernick Is Obviously More Important Than Winning

The headline is not surprising to those who recognize reality and possess basic common sense. For those of you not in that category, who refuse to acknowledge the situation or have fallen victim to the incorrect discussions around Colin Kaepernick and the false narratives around the incorrectly described “anthem protests,” let us say this loud and clear.

Colin Kaepernick is being blackballed. Period! End of story.

We’ve written about the weak excuses teams, coaches and players have used when discussing both Kap and the purpose behind taking a knee, and we’ve provided you with various reactions from these same groups of individuals in regards to the debate surrounding the man and his burgeoning protest movement.

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Colin Kaepernick Blackball Quotes Vol. 2

Kap’s blackballing is obvious, even prompting the man himself to file a grievance against the NFL last week. On Tuesday, the Dolphins strengthened this fact when they announced they had signed quarterback David Fales to back up their backup, Matt Moore, who will be starting in place of the injured Jay Cutler.

Miami Dolphins on Twitter

We have signed quarterback David Fales and released cornerback Byron Maxwell.

Yes, it’s true that teams are able to sign whoever they please, but after the horrid QB play we witnessed this weekend, you can’t deny the fact that teams are giving Colin Kaepernick a blatant stiff arm. 

Wait, are those cries of “he deserves it,” “he opted out,” and “he’s disrespectful” we hear? We’re sure the whining is getting louder as you read this, so let’s take a look at the career of Fales in order to silence the anti-Kap crowd.

Fales had a solid college career in his two years under center for the San Jose State Spartans, amassing 8,382 yards with 66 TDs and 22 ints in 25 games. The Bears drafted him in the 6th round with the 183rd pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, and in one game with the Bears in 2016 he completed 2 of his 5 passing attempts for 22 yards. That is the sum total of his NFL resume.

As you digest that, please keep in mind that Kap’s career NFL numbers consist of 12,271 yards passing, 72 TDs against only 30 interceptions while rushing for 2,300 yards and 13 more scores. 

Oh, and don’t forget the Super Bowl appearance in 2013, one in which he was yards away from bringing the the Lombardi trophy back to the Bay Area.

Maybe the Dolphins see something in Fales that we don’t, but we highly doubt it. And it’s not like Cutler was tearing it up this season in South Beach (995 yards with seven TD’s and five picks in six games), standing as another example of the poor QB play we saw this past weekend and, if you think about it, this season to date.

Not to be outdone, the Arizona Cardinals, in need of a QB after Carson Palmer went down, signed the well known Mike Bercovici on Tuesday. You remember him right? Of course not, unless you’re from Arizona. The former QB of the Arizona State Sun Devils (four year career stat line of 5,332 yards, 42 TDs and 13 int’s) was an undrafted free agent who signed with the Chargers in 2016 and then waived by the team this past September. Yes, another backup QB who hasn’t played a down of football in the NFL was signed before Colin Kaepernick.

At this point, it’s such a joke that denial can’t be justified by any argument, especially as these two quarterbacks weren’t good enough to stay with a team for a year, much less get on the field consistently.

Jason LaCanfora of discussed the League’s poor QB play and development, stating how poor attendance could be attributed to poor play at the game’s most prolific position.

This downturn in the number of eyeballs watching closely every Sunday and Monday and Thursday is more directly related, in my opinion, to the fact that the number of quarterbacks you would pay big bucks to see in a game with no rooting interest seems to be shrinking by the week. It’s a byproduct of the number of teams who fail to play anything close to attractive football, and who haven’t found or developed a skill player who would garner a second look. It’s a factor of yet another weekend when injuries ravaged the already-depleted QB position, and America was treated to the likes of guys like Matt Moore, Drew Stanton and Cody Kessler playing in games that count in the standings, to go with the likes of Brett Hundley and Case Keenum and Mitchell Trubisky and C.J. Beathard who have already been thrust into action due to injury or the ineffectiveness of others.

Even more emphatic was LaCanfora stating “Far too many teams and far too many quarterbacks are simply too hard to watch.”

If this is the case, wouldn’t a team want to sign a player of Kap’s talent? Isn’t winning more important than listening to the false narratives about a player who has done nothing illegal and only wants to improve a team’s standing both on the field and off? 

Brock Osweiler and Mike Glennon got big bucks to do nothing, DeShone Kizer has lost his spot to two different backups,  the Packers look lost without Aaron Rodgers under center and Kap’s former team, the 49ers, were embarrassed by the Cowboys with C.J. Beathard calling the shots. 

We’d be remiss in not mentioning that bewildering interception thrown by the Jets’ Josh McCown towards the end of regulation 

Titanic TD on Twitter


Or not noting the fact that Trevor Siemian (1,471 yards passing, eight touchdowns, seven interceptions in six games this season) is doing his best to become the second coming of Osweiler, especially when it comes to his inability to throw to his own Pro Bowl receiver, Demaryius Thomas.

Mark Kiszla on Twitter

Colin Kaepernick > Trevor Siemian. Oh, wait. But the Broncos would have to change their entire offense for him. Like that would be a bad thing.

Benjamin Allbright on Twitter

I used to say Trevor Siemian was Kyle Orton 2.0. I’m so sorry to disrespect you like that, Kyle.

Isn’t winning the goal for NFL teams? While it’s not everything, in professional sports that’s what teams, players and fans want most – to win. And, as we know is the absolute truth in sports, winning cures all.

So if that’s the case, why not bring in a qualified and proven player instead of guys who haven’t played in a year or who have an affinity for throwing to the other team consistently. Apparently the answer is clear. 

It’s more important to blackball a man who has done nothing wrong, has committed no crime and is ready to play than it is to remain competitive and, ultimately, win. 

It speaks volumes when a player who commits a violation or a crime can return after a few games while a player who was yards away from a Super Bowl victory and who is active in communities both the teams and the league supports, is on covert banishment from the gridiron.

If you’re scared of the “backlash” that comes with pulling the trigger to hire Kap, afraid that Trump will target you with a divisive tweet, concerned that the VP will stage another walk out or worried that fans will say that your team is unpatriotic, then you’ve taken your eyes off the prize and succumbed to the ignorance that is sweeping the nation under this administration.

Good luck in week 8.

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