Black Girl Strength: Women’s World Of Boxing Owner Reese Scott

For Reese Scott, boxing was initially just a way to lose weight.

For Women’s World of Boxing founder, Reese Scott, boxing was initially just a way to lose weight. But today she’s turned her former-hobby into one of the most empowering sports movement to hit East Harlem.

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Scott started WWB — NYC’s first women’s boxing gym —  in 2018 to fill a gap she felt was needed back when she started boxing at 31 years old. As a woman, Scott often felt like she had to prove her worth in gyms that were primarily attended by male members.

Sometimes the guys didn’t want her to train with them at all, she claims. Eventually, Scott made it her mission to create safe spaces for women to learn the sport that she loves.

So far, her impact has been inspiring: from helping her members reach their fitness goals to teaching them how to defend themselves and hold their own, Scott is uplifting women at a time when society is only just beginning to recognize and admire female strength.

The Shadow League’s Adele Jackson-Gibson got to hop into the ring to chat with Scott, learn about the WBB community and maybe how to throw a punch or two.

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