Bizarre Report Says Father Catches Pervert Groping Son In Bathroom At Little League Game, Lets Him Walk Away, Later Stops Helping Police | What Happens Next?

 A report of a disturbing incident during a Little league baseball game has left a small community in shambles after police say a father told them his son was sexually assaulted in the bathroom during the game. 

Indianapolis station WRTV reports an unidentified father and his son were at a Little League baseball game in Greenwood, Indiana, when shortly after the first inning the boy had to use the bathroom.

As the father walked his son to the bathroom, the child scurried ahead of his father to get to the lavatory.

According to the father, when he got to the bathroom he saw another man with a child in the bathroom, whom he didn’t realize was his son at first.

It wasn’t until he called out for his son and his son replied “shakily” according to the father that he found out that the boy with the stranger was his soon, the report said. 

The man was said to have both of his hands on his son’s genitals, and when confronted by the father telling him to get away from his son he claimed that he only trying to help him use the bathroom because the stall was out of service.

After the child and his father left the bathroom, of course, the father tried to look for the man, who was said to have “nonchalantly” walked to the concession stand.

What Did The Perpetrator Look Like?

According to the father, the description of the man who was fondling his son was a middle-aged man who is said to have been in the age range of 50 to 60 years old. He wore a blue long-sleeve shirt, khakis, and a red hat.

Even though they have the description of a man who was around a large group of people at the baseball game, the alleged pervert was never caught by police and they are currently still searching for him. The ballpark has no cameras in that bathroom location, which allowed the man to move around the area without being caught or recorded. 

With that being said, this situation is affecting the community, and one local father, Joshua Lee is understandably upset that there were no security measures in place for somewhere that many younger kids go to play.

WRTV quoted Lee as saying “(It is) Very disturbing. I have two little ones. It’s not something you want to hear for sure,”

What Are The Local Police Saying About The Alleged Assault?

Greenwood Police are also aware of the situation.

“We are aware of this incident and are cooperating fully with authorities in their investigation,” Greenwood Little League President Andy Elliott said in a statement to WRTV. “We are working on improving our facilities to ensure the safety of all people present.” 

As for the father of the boy who was touched by the purported perpetrator, he is no longer cooperating with the police, the station reports. 

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