Sean McDermott’s Stubbornness Is Not In The Bills’ Best Interest

The expression, A hard head makes a soft ass, is one that we all know to be true. As we get older, we find that these cliches that we took for granted as nagging threats from our parents and elders are priceless jewels that define the essence of our everyday existence in many ways. 

Bills coach Sean McDermott, who at the age of 43 is the fifth-youngest coach in the NFL, still has some humility to acquire and some studying to do. McDermott had an opportunity to take huge steps as a head coach, admit his mistakes and gain some credibility back from Bills fans and the NFL community.

Last week, McDermott decided that his 5-4 Bills team could do better if he benched starting QB Tyrod Taylor and started fifth-round rookie Nathan Peterman against the Chargers in Week 11. We all know that decision couldnt have played out any worse. Peterman threw five interceptions in the first half and got benched in Sundays 54-24 loss to the Chargers. 

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Here is Nathan Peterman throwing his fifth(!) interception of the day. All in the first half. #Bills

McDermott had a chance to reverse the curse of the Bills and be a leader by reinserting a guy who has the highest passer rating, completion percentage, adjusted yards per attempt, and the lowest interception percentage in Bills franchise history. Still, McDermott said he had to evaluate both quarterbacks before naming a starter for next weekends game against the Chiefs and wouldnt commit to a starter. He needs to get out of his feelings and stop this train wreck before more people get hurt behind his stubbornness. 

McDermott doesnt have a better option than Taylor. The Bills, like every NFL team in need of a decent backup, refused to sign Colin Kaepernick. 

McDermott reiterated that he is not second-guessing his decision to make a quarterback change and that he hasnt lost faith in Peterman as a result of his putrid performance against the Chargers.

 One game is not going to define Nathan or Nathans career, McDermott said. Young players go through it. I own the decision. I dont regret the decision, I regret the result. There are other hands in the result. Im confident in Nathan and his mental toughness.

Most folks believe that Peterman is simply too foolish to admit his mistakes and will put Peterman back out there. 

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Truth. See Lamar Jackson critiques for more proof.

Well, were building, McDermott said. This is part of the growth process. You go through these pains. It burns. It burns hard. You dont want that result that we had yesterday. Every decision we make is about winning now and winning in the future.

We know it’s hard to swallow your pride, especially when you’re a young head coach trying to establish a winning culture and prepare for the future, but it’s part of the growth that the rookie head coach who spent the last five seasons as a Defensive Coordinator with Carolina must exhibit to win in this league. McDermott had the nerve to say Peterman made some pretty darn good plays. 

He has worsened the situation with Taylor when he could have just chalked it up to a crazy idea and they both could have kept moving towards trying to get Bufalo in the playoffs, which is what any Bills fan wants. 

They could really care less who the QB is, but they knew the Peterman move was suspect. It almost seems personal at this point and if Im Taylor, who has already admitted that he has a shorter leash because hes African-American, its getting to the point of being irreconcilable. 

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