Billboard Needs To Keep Up With Jay-Z’s New Rules

Jay-Z hasn't cared much for the rules in the upper echelon of the basic rules we live by in 2013, certainly not in the entertainment industry. The sports world wouldn't let him become represent players, so he sold his stock of the BK Nets and made it happen anyway. When the NFL said that only certified agents could talk to players, he hired certified agents and talked to players anyway. 

In the world of iTunes, leaks and illegal downloading, HOV has once again made a move to line his pockets by aligning with Samsung, who reportedly paid $5 million for the first 1 million copies of Jay'z upcoming album, Magna Carter Holy Grail. Samsung will release the music to it's customers three days before it's available to the general public. 

Jigga pulled a similar stunt in last year's collaboration with Kanye, releasing Watch The Throne early on iTunes to prevent leaks. This deal with Samsung should provide the same benefit. 

However, it's not all gravy just yet. Billboard is refusing to acknowledge Jay's pre-sales as they discount all bulk purchases. Universal and Def Jam are currently working to get their bureaucratic rule changed and given Hov's recent reputation, there's a good chance it might happen. 

Regardless, Jay seems to know he's ahead of the game and is enjoying the chase. He took to Twitter in a rare appearance to let everyone know that the rules were about to change, one way or another.



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