Big Baller Brand Claps Back At Michael Jordan For “One-Legged” Comment

It seemed to be a relatively quiet day until the words “LaVar Ball” appeared on the screen, and now all hell has broken loose, which is exactly what those two words encourages and rejoices in.

After a video surfaced of Michael Jordan addressing LaVar’s claims that he could beat MJ and what MJ would tell him, “shut up and let the kid play”, the Big Baller Brand fired up their social media engine and hit back hard.

Big Baller Brand on Twitter

Michael, you vs Lavar | 1 v 1 | you with 1 leg, Lavar with 1 arm. Has to be on Pay-Per-View. Let’s make it happen. YOU WON’T.

A 30.1 career scoring average in the NBA has been challenged by a one year collegiate average of 2.2 points a game. No comparison. But because it’s LaVar, we’re sitting here addressing it. 

Damn, even when it’s an “L”, LaVar still wins.

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