“Better Put A Star In Your Helmet Big Bro” | Herm Edwards Thinks Micah Parsons Needs A Huge Reality Check

The Dallas Cowboys, the richest franchise in American sports and the squad formerly known as “America’s Team,” is also notorious for being underachievers the past three decades.

ESPN NFL Analyst Herm Edwards Is Tired Of Hearing About Cowboys

On Tuesday, during a segment on ESPN’s “First Take,” Herm Edwards, the former New York Jets, Kansas City Chiefs, and Arizona State head coach, let out his frustrations for all the love and coverage the Cowboys receive having won nothing in 28 seasons. As the panel talked 2023 Power Rankings, Edwards took exception to the Cowboys being just outside the top five at No. 6.

“We went all the way from one, not to five, but to six. Why?” Edwards asked. “We just have to talk about the Cowboys! They couldn’t make the top five, but they got to six! Now we’re going to talk about the top six teams. Are you kidding me? Really?

“It’s always about the Cowboys! We have to talk about these all the time?”

Edwards continued.

“Why do we have the Cowboys even in the conversation at six, why didn’t we just go to seven and talk about the Chargers, too?” Edwards asked. “We had to stop at six, we had to talk about the Cowboys! We got the Cowboys, we got to talk about the Cowboys! I’m tired of the Cowboys!”

Edwards then attempted to end the conversation completely, telling co-host Keyshawn Johnson, a Cowboy apologist, “Stop it. I’m done.”

The franchise hasn’t played in a Super Bowl or conference championship game since the 1995-96 season. Each year the Cowboys seem to come up short, and this year was no different with their divisional playoff loss to the San Francisco 49ers.

Micha Parsons Tells Calais Campbell: Come To Dallas To Win Super Bowl 

This most recent playoff flop prompted star wide receiver CeeDee Lamb to say the team needed more talent to help quarterback Dak Prescott.

All-Pro edge rusher Micah Parsons is feeling more confident than Lamb about the state of the franchise, and his retweet and reply to free agent defensive lineman Calais Campbell after Campbell expressed his desire to be in next year’s Super Bowl, was eyebrow-raising. 

“Better put a star in your helmet big bro,” tweeted Parsons, insinuating that the only team Campbell could sign with that would guarantee him a Lombardi Trophy is Dallas.

Parsons is about as confident a player as you’ll find in the league, and he’s also the same guy who compared himself and teammate Trevon Diggs to Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey. So he can spit the hyperbole with the best of them. 

Maybe Parsons knows something we don’t know, or does he just like to hear himself talk? From what he’s shown us, it’s a little bit of both.

Dallas Cowboys Stars Disappear In Playoffs 

Either way, Edwards is tired of the hype, also mentioning how the Cowboys’ star players always seem to disappear come playoff time. And for that he doesn’t believe they deserve so much coverage.

Cowboys Still Bring Ratings Despite No Super Bowl Appearance In Nearly Three Decades

Cowboys games typically do excellent ratings during the NFL season. Owner Jerry Jones’ team is a ratings magnet, and it’s because they’re either loved or hated, there’s no in between. Jones has remarkably turned them into a brand that sells regardless of results.

But as Herm Edwards stated, until they do something of importance when it matters let’s not talk about them so much. He’s sick of it. 

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