Battle Of The Babies’ Mothers: Dallas Cowboys’ Trevon Diggs BM Comes For Rapper Future’s BM

The messiness is sports, and entertainment has no bounds. Now the love triangles of Dallas Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs, his baby’s mother Yasmine Lopez, rapper Future and his child’s mother Joie Chavis, and even Carmelo Anthony have the internet cross-eyed.

Recently, social media star Yasmine Lopez took to Instagram to clown dancer Joie Chavis after reportedly seeing her with her child’s father, Diggs, on a plane. Apparently, Lopez showed support to Chavis on IG before expressing love for her product line.

Yasmine showed love to Joie’s business via IG direct messages. Chavis responded in kind with words that indicated the two were developing a friendship if they weren’t friends already.

“Girl, I love all of your products,” Lopez wrote.

“Thank you [so much]. Gonna send you a box when the new stuff comes in,” Chavis replied.

“Yesss can’t wait. It’s go time! Keep being beautiful girl,” Yasmine responded.

Joie kept the positivity flowing, giving thanks with a quick, “For sure! Ha. I already know,” she responded.

Sure looks like love from the outside. However, Joie, the mother of Future’s son Hendrix, later showed love to one of Yasmine’s pals on social media. Yasmine fired back very publicly in the comments.

“You weird [as f—] lol. Under my friend’s pics but [f— with] my baby daddy. WEIRDO,” Yasmine wrote and tagged Joie in the process.

Ayooo. Looks like the beef is thoroughly cooked, as Yasmine has over 1 million followers on IG and called out Joie for apparently dating her child’s father.

Yasmine had a child with Dallas Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs back in August 2021. She has gone on to out Diggs as an absentee father who doesn’t provide any financial support or even spend time with the child.

Trevon Diggs reportedly cut Yasmine off after a summer romance resulting in a pregnancy. The 20-something model from Charlotte, North Carolina, is a model, social media influencer, and entrepreneur. Why Diggs would cut her off is not understood. However, she has refused to put him on child support, requesting him to just be a part of her child’s life at a minimum.

Trevon and Joie haven’t confirmed the rumors of being in a romantic relationship, but that didn’t stop Yasmine from going in.

Yasmine made news before when she spoke on her former romantic relationship with Los Angeles Lakers star Carmelo Anthony. Lopez revealed that her most memorable moment with Melo was when she confirmed he sent her and another woman the same flower arrangement for Valentine’s day.

In a video interview, Yasmine was asked, “did you ever date Carmelo Anthony, or was that just a rumor?”

That’s when she dropped the bomb, “that was my man. The flowers were real that he sent me. I was literally sitting next to him in the bed. I was like ‘who sent her these flowers bro’?”

Yasmine was embarrassed to discover that Melo was showing the same love to his other women, sending the same flowers to another woman.

“That was my most embarrassing moment. At the time I was so hurt and upset about it. Now I can laugh about it.”

When you combine love, basketball, football, and rap, nothing is fair.

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