Baseball Meets Wakanda For Oakland Black Panther Bobblehead Day

The legend of the Black Panther movie that shattered box office records continues to grow. The culture, the merchandising and the lasting effect it has had on the world is still in full effect even as Avengers Infinity Wars replaces it in the 24-hour social media movie cycle. 

The sports world has entered the Marvel merchandising rush and celebration of the movie’s success as Black Panther-themed bobblehead dolls graced MLB this weekend. . 

The first 15,000 fans who arrived at the A’s game against the Baltimore Orioles on Saturday in Oakland received a glow-in-the-dark Black Panther bobblehead. The line outside of  Alameda Coliseum resembled that of a World Series Game 7 or American Idol audition and was further evidence of the multi-generational, multicultural and multiracial impact of the Black Panther movie.  

Tina Sturdevant on Twitter

No, it’s not a Warriors game. The line for the Black Panther bobblehead night. This line is ridiculous

The doll is already a serious collector’s item. One seller on eBay is pricing the bobblehead as high as $72.88, with another listed at $65.

Oakland Athletics on Twitter

It’s good to be king. Retweet this tweet for a chance to win a Black Panther Bobblehead! 15,000 fans will receive theirs on Marvel Super Hero Day this Saturday, May 5. :

The costumed bobblehead is sitting on a pedestal that features the A’s logo. The organization partnered with Marvel to create the bobblehead in honor of Oakland native and Black Panther director Ryan Coogler. Coogler and his family were in attendance and came onto the field, greeted the fans and took pics before the first pitch.

Tina Sturdevant on Twitter

Ryan Coogler & fam before the first pitch

The As rode the momentum of the day to a 2-0 win and followed that up on Sunday with a 2-1 victory to complete a three-game sweep of the Baltimore Orioles. 

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