‘Bama is Good, But They Could Never Beat An NFL Team

Thank South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier, for the latest oft repeated, but always ignorant statement, that any college team could match up and beat any pro team. Speaking on ESPN radio on Thursday, he mentioned that Alabama would be favored against one of the also-ran teams in the NFL.

This again, huh?  We do this every year. Each time there is a powerhouse team that blows doors off of hinges, or a scrub team barely able to retain credibility, someone always says this. They usually preface it under some sort of “within  the right circumstances” context, just so they won’t sound next level foolish. It makes for great entertainment, I guess. We always want moments to feel larger-than-life and if by some great chance we are allowed to experience true greatness/futility, we want to place it inside a box we understand.

Take tonight’s NFL game between the KC Chiefs and the San Diego Chargers. Both teams have struggled, but Kansas City has been downright dreary, routinely getting embarrassed on the way to a 1-6 record. This is arguably the worst team in the NFL, and they seem hell-bent on finding new ways to embarrass one of the more passionate fan bases in the country.

Under no sane circumstances would I assume that the University of Alabama football could beat this Chief's team in a game. Not even in once on five games. Maybe once in 10, but I wouldn’t bet any money on it.  Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles would gain 200 yards against the Tide’s defensive line easy. Why? Because KC's offensive line would dominate the Tide’s d-line. That’s why. Sure, a player here or there may have a breakout moment, but we’re speaking different plateaus here. This is a joke. One for which we already know the punch line. Yet people keep telling it and people keep laughing at it.