Baltimore and Houston Actually Manage To Shut Kanye Up

Kanye West premiered "New Slaves" from the upcoming Yeezus, due June 18, on the walls of buiuldings in New York City last week, and took his show on the road over the weekend. The projections were planned in 90 cities across the globe, and all went down without a hitch except in Baltimore and Houston, where cops shut the proceedings down.

Though the gathering of people was peaceful and didn't appear to be doing any harm, Kanye also didn't request permission from any of these cities nor inquire about any permits. In the political realm, that's all it takes for anyone who doesn't like you to rain on your parade. 

Still, Ye's team put forth a good effort to continue the show, attempting to move the location several times in Baltimore to avoid the cops. Unfortunately, they snuffed out the project each time, saying, "That's enough Mr. West, please, no more today" (Or so I like to imagine).


(h/t: Spin)

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