B Hop Tells Fight Community To Stop Making Excuses For Trump’s Behavior

“People are who they are.”  The longest government furlough in the country’s history is almost a month in.

Donald Trump has stuck to his stance during this time. Build a wall or keep the government shut. His first Oval Office address was centered on convincing the country that his intention is sincere.

As a result, Democrats have pushed back hard. Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer are steadfast. While this rolls on, many Americans are out of work.

Combat sports have always considered Trump an ally.

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During his Presidential campaign run, Don King made headlines when stumping for Trump at a rally in Cleveland. He used the n-word in a failed attempt to bring Trump a percentage of the black vote. That event actually took place in a church.

“America needs Donald Trump. We need Donald Trump, especially black people, said King during his speech. Because you have got to understand, my black brothers and sisters, they told me, you’ve got to try to emulate and imitate the white man and then you will be successful.”

However, King is the real-life embodiment of The Boondocks character Uncle Ruckus.

The UFC has been a strident supporter of the political positions of Donald Trump. Last November 14th, the UFC premiered its newest documentary, “Combatant In Chief:  The Story of Donald Trump and Combat Sports” to its online streaming service the UFC Fight Pass.

The documentary chronicles when Trump opened his Atlantic City casino to the struggling UFC. It showcases the start of an unlikely friendship between the current POTUS and UFC President Dana White. According to White, Trump held a major role in legitimizing the sport of Mixed Martial Arts.

“I’m never going to say anything bad about Donald Trump — ever. Ever, ever, ever,” White told “OBJECTified” host Harvey Levin. ” That guy gave us our start when nobody would talk to us.”

The UFC president also backed Trump in a bombastic speech at the 2016 Republican national convention in Cleveland.

B-Hop Weighs In

During the Canelo Alvarez vs. GGG fight week, I had the opportunity to build with “Da Legend” Bernard Hopkins. Adamant that we didn’t discuss boxing as much as life, he gave me his take on Donald Trump.

After fighting in Trump’s Atlantic City hotels during his career, the Philadelphia icon knows a thing or two about number 45. His take: Trump is who he always has been.

Now the world is getting more familiar.

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