Ava Duvernay And Colin Kaepernick Are Developing A New Comedy Series

Ava DuVernay and Colin Kaepernick are reportedly developing a comedy series based on the former NFL player’s experience in high school.

There’s no official announcement or information out yet but, Vanity Fair dropped some news in their DuVernay feature.

“DuVernay has a lot to do: casting for her yet-to-be-named Netflix limited series about the Central Park Five; working with editors, directors, and writers on the third season of Queen Sugar, which started airing May 29; putting the finishing touches on her CBS pilot, Red Line; and meeting with her Wrinkle producer Jim Whitaker on two new projects, including the Battle of Versailles movie at HBO and a TV comedy series with Colin Kaepernick that centers on his high-school life. DuVernay is energized by it all”

This isn’t the first or the last time that we’ll see a professional athlete jump into the world of entertainment. Kobe Bryant already won an Oscar for a short-animated film and Steph Curry recently landed a major film deal with Sony. Although it is unfortunate that Kaepernick still hasn’t been allowed back into the NFL, I think long-term wise, he’ll be better off.

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