Antonio Brown Isn’t Going Away Quietly And Is Filling Numerous Appeals

The Antonio Brown saga took a slight pause, but the drama filled receiver has hit play once again.

After being traded to the Raiders and subsequently giving the organization all sorts of headaches, he was released by Oakland and signed by the Patriots a few hours after his release.

Brown practiced with New England and played one game with the team before two claims of sexual assault levied against him surfaced. The Patriots then cut brown and voided the guaranteed money in his deal.

Now, after registering for classes back at Central Michigan, where he played his college ball, AB is lining up a record number of grievances and appeals to the tune of $61 million. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, this includes:

  • Fine appeals with the Raiders for $215,000
  • Salary guarantees with the Raiders for $29 million
  • Signing bonus with the Raiders for $1 million
  • Unpaid week 1 salary with the Raiders for $860,000
  • New England Patriots’ salary guarantee of $1 million
  • Patriots signing bonus of $9 million
  • Patriots’ unpaid week 3 salary of $64,000
  • Patriots’ option year in 2020 of $20 million

The other appeal that could surface is if the NFL disciplines and suspends Brown. If that happened, and he filed an appeal, Brown would become the first player in NFL history to have nine different appeals in a single season.

Brown isn’t staying dormant or quiet, and has recently resurfaced on social media recently to go at it with the Browns’ Baker Mayfield and the Ravens Eric Weddle. He also took shots at the Steelers’ Ben Roethlisberger and Patriots’ owner, Robert Kraft.

AB continues to have his presence felt and heard, and doesn’t look to be shutting up any time soon as he’s unrestricted free agent who wants to get back onto the NFL gridiron with a team.

With this much heat coming from him, we’ll have to see if anyone is willing to take the plunge and sign him.

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