Andrew Bynum is the Anti-Dwight Howard

Andrew Bynum isn't the only big-time center looking for a job next season (he is, however, the only one with a ring), but with all the attention Dwight Howard has received, Bynum has been laying in the weeds.

That is mainly because Bynum didn't play a single minute last year while he recovered from a knee injury. It's also because the two have very different views on attention. Bynum doesn't want it nor seems to care that it is there. D12 is the opposite.

Consider that Dwight Howard will have is own mini-Decision on July 10, whereas Bynum, who hasn't done anything meaningful on a basketball court in over a year, won't even workout for teams interested in his services.

Bynum's agent, David Lee, said his Bynum will begin training in July in Atlanta in preparation for next season after completing his rehabilitation from knee surgery. The knee injury caused Bynum to miss the entire 2012-13 season with the Sixers. Lee said there are a "half dozen teams" interested in Bynum and they will be given MRI and other needed medical reports. Bynum, however, will not work out for teams.


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