AJ Brown Drug Tested After Career Day Against Steelers | NFL Star Feels Like League Was Telling Him “We Don’t Believe You, You Need More People”

AJ Brown went beast mode on Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers and had multiple unanswered scores on the Steelers’ secondary. Now the NFL wants some answers.

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Strange when you think about it, the NFL wanted to drug test Brown after he caught multiple bombs against Pittsburgh’s defense and was practically a man amongst boys out there on the field. The big physical receiver recorded six catches for three scores and 156 yards. This was absolutely the best game of his career, and he dominated All-Pro safety Minkah Fitzpatrick.

It’s not like Brown can’t ball to this level. Sure, it was a hot week, but he’s sixth in the entire NFL in receiving yards. He’s also playing for a much better quarterback then he was in Tennessee. 

The NFL most likely agrees that Brown was dominant, almost too dominant. Following the game, they drug tested him for performance enhancements. AJ Brown found it quite odd that after he destroyed the Steelers’ defense he was requested to be tested by the NFL. He mocked NFL commissioner Roger Goodell after he found out that they wanted to drug test him. He shared his thoughts on social media.

“I would have a drug test this morning huh lol Rogerrrrr this is not random @NFL,” Brown wrote Monday.

These drug tests are supposed to be “random.” We see things like this happen far too many times in sports, where the league tries to drug-test a player after a dominant game. What’s even more intriguing is that AJ Brown is one of the NFL’s best receivers, and when one of the best receivers has a monster game, that doesn’t automatically warrant a drug test. So maybe the NFL doesn’t view Brown as a top tier receiver, or Goodell and the league is being biased. But can you blame them?

The plays Brown made against Pittsburgh are outrageous. On his first touchdown, AJ went up and snagged a ball out of the air over two defenders. Straight Mossed!

On the second touchdown catch, Jalen Hurts placed the ball perfectly in the bucket for AJ Brown to catch it in the end zone. The third touchdown catch mirrored the first one, and Brown made sure the defense knew they screwed up at the end, which led to him getting an unsportsmanlike penalty after the play. Many forgot how good Brown is, and he’s reminding the world. 

Before being traded to Philly in the offseason, AJ Brown had back-to-back 1,000-yard seasons before an injury hampered his third season with the Tennessee Titans. He is actually criminally underrated when you realize that he’s only 25 and was able to put up numbers like that in a run-heavy offense centered on Derrick Henry.

But regardless of his time in Tennessee, Brown is proving why he is still one of the best pass-catchers in the NFL. In Philly, helping a team whose main strength is its run game, become one of the best passing teams in the league as well. 

While it can be concluded by Brown’s response that he isn’t on any PEDs, something eventually has to be said about these “random” drug tests being done after big games. It’s not that controversial of a topic, but it is somewhat of an insult when a player has a great game, and the NFL questions whether or not it was all grind that produced that success. 

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