“They Switch Up Quick” | Did Titans Wide Receiver A.J. Brown Send Message To Team Concerning Contract?

Another day, another unhappy NFL star seeking a bag — like, tomorrow. Contract be damned. 

This time it’s Tennessee Titans star wideout A.J. Brown, who is reportedly looking for Davante Adams-type money, which is roughly $28 million per season. 

On Friday, Brown sent out a tweet that folks are still trying to decipher. People are unsure if it was directed at his team, fans, or the media, because veiled messages on social media have been the negotiating tactic of choice this offseason. The way these players throw tantrums nowadays when they don’t get their way, it’s possible Brown was directing his message to all three parties. He also removed all things Titans from his Instagram, which is developing trend among athletes in contract disputes with their teams.

Brown has seen all the money being given to receivers, and he wants his share.

On Monday, the talented pass-catcher was back at it with another tweet:

This one surfaced reportedly after fans chimed in on what they thought he may have been referring to with the first tweet.

With NFL teams beginning voluntary offseason workouts on Monday, it was reported that Brown, Niners wideout Deebo Samuel and Washington Commanders wideout Terry McLaurin were all going to sit out these workouts until someone shows them the money. 

McLaurin showed up in Ashburn, Virginia, on Monday to join his Washington teammates. Brown and Samuel may be intending to make their teams sweat it out. 

Brown Is Headed Into Final Year Of Deal: Wants Mega Dollars

While Brown is headed into the final year of his rookie deal, he’s under team control for two more seasons, with the fifth-year option teams have. McLaurin and Samuel also have several years remaining on their current deals. 

All have been very productive since being drafted in 2019. Brown has shined in a Tennessee offense based around star running back Derrick Henry. While his touches are limited because of the run-first mentality of head coach Mike Vrabel, he’s made the most of the targets he gets. 

In three seasons he’s accrued 185 receptions, 2,997 yards and 24 touchdowns. His career 16.2 yards-per-catch average ranks in the top 20 of qualified receivers. Brown is a physical specimen who has been the Titans’ top receiver since he was drafted despite catching passes from subpar quarterbacks. 


Titans Brass Shutdown Rumors Of Brown Being Traded: Is He Staying Put?

As with all NFL contracts, trade scenarios are mentioned with teams up against a hard cap. But in the Titans’ case, they aren’t paying a $40 million-plus salary to their QB. That makes a world of difference, as Ryan Tannehill’s deal has flexibility to be restructured to help the team. Those reasons along with Brown’s production make it highly unlikely that he’s traded. In fact, general manager Jon Robinson mentioned he wants to see Brown in a Titans uniform for the long haul.

Here’s what Robinson said at the NFL owners meetings last month. 

“Right now, we are just trying to get through this free agency period, seeing where we’ve landed cap-wise. AJ is an important part of what we do. He’s a great teammate, he works hard, he’s about what we’re about. AJ. is a Titan, and we want to keep A.J. a Titan. And that’s part of our goal this offseason, or whatever manifests itself, to come to an agreement to keep him around.”

Robinson is intent on keeping Brown in the Music City.

“We get calls about players all the time — that’s what GMs do. I haven’t received any of these calls about (A.J.), and if they do call, our intention is A.J., we are going to keep him in Nashville. He is an important part of our offense.”

If that’s how the Titans feel they might want to start breaking bread.

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