‘Luv Ya Blue’ | Pro Football Hall of Famer Warren Moon Confirms Tennessee Titans Will Wear Houston Oilers Throwbacks This Season 

The Tennessee Titans have been in existence since 1997, when the Houston Oilers franchise moved from H-Town to Nashville, effectively changing the team’s name and ridding it of arguably the coolest and most identifiable uniforms in the league. Since then the team has only worn the old Oilers uniforms and unique helmets once, and that was in 2009 to commemorate the AFL’s 50th anniversary. 

Now, 14 years later, the Titans will pull out the old Oilers unis for a game during the 2023 season. That in itself will bring a smile to fans of the franchise’s face, and it’s a way to pay homage to history and yesteryear. 

During a recent appearance of the “Up & Adams” show with Kay Adams, Pro Football Hall of Famer and Houston Oilers legend Warren Moon spilled the beans. 

“I talked with owner Amy Adams Strunk about it,” Moon said. “She was waiting for the helmets to be approved. Now that you can wear the helmet, we’re wearing the whole uniform this year, and it could be against the Houston Texans. We are not joking.”

New Rule Enables Titans To Wear Throwback Uniforms With Alternate Helmets

A rule change in 2013 meant teams could not wear throwback uniforms with alternative helmets, which for all intents and purposes was a pretty dumb rule. But a landslide vote by the league’s owners during the 2021 offseason meetings rescinded the rule, and by 2022 teams were allowed to pay homage in complete retro uniforms. 

The smartest thing the Titans organization did was retain the rights to both the Oilers team logo and colors even after changing the team’s name in 1999. 

Former Titans wide receiver Kevin Dyson, who just happens to be involved in arguably the two most memorable plays in franchise history, the “Music City Miracle” and “The Tackle And Zone Yard Short,” told Outkick this.

“I love it when teams pay homage to the history and legacy of the guys who paved the way for us all. So bringing back and wearing the ‘Luv Ya Blue’ uniforms is the ultimate sign of respect for all those that played for the franchise.”

Titans Hoping For Better Results In Uniforms This Time Out

In 2009, when the Titans last wore their throwback helmets, they were destroyed by Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, losing 59-0. It joined a 1976 Los Angeles Rams 59-0 victory over the Atlanta Falcons as the second-worst blowout in league history, only trailing the 1940 NFL Championship Game won by the Chicago Bears 73-0 over the then-Washington Redskins.

It’s highly unlikely we see anything like that when the Titans and Texans lock horns, but all we’ll be interested in are those infamous throwback helmets. 

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