After Cam Newton Incident Jourdan Rodrigue Apologizes For Racist Tweets

Yesterday afternoon, Panthers’ QB Cam Newton laughed in response to reporter Jourdan Rodrigue’s question about routes, commenting it was funny when a “female talk about routes.”

Jasmine on Twitter

Cam makes it really hard for people to root for him

Cam has been roasted since that moment, and rightfully so. Although some feel that it was lighthearted or didn’t mean anything, most took the reaction very seriously, including the team and her colleagues.

Well today Rodrigue’s past came to light through racist tweets found on her timeline from a few years ago.

When these tweets surfaced, Rodrigue took to Twitter to apologize.

Jourdan Rodrigue on Twitter

Jourdan Rodrigue on Twitter

Now before the foolish respond with “she used ‘a’ not ‘er’ so it doesn’t mean the same thing” you need to stop and gather your thoughts. 

This is an ugly situation all around. No word as of yet from her employer, The Charlotte Observer, or the Panthers.

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