Adidas Interested In Signing Kaepernick…If He Gets On A Team

Adidas would be interested in having an endorsement deal with Colin Kaepernick if he gets signed by and NFL team. On Friday, Mark King, president of the athletic apparel and shoe companys North America division said that could very well happen.

We love athletes that have a platform to make the world a better place, King said at Arizona State University‘s Global Sport Summit according to If theyre an activist in a way that brings attention to something that moves the world forward, even if theres controversy at that moment, were really interested in those athletes because I think it represents the world today.

This type of mentality when it comes to Kaepernick’s protest of racial inequality is drastically different than NFL team owners who have spent over a year making sure he is blackballed from any real opportunity while signing quarterbacks who are far inferior.

Many have expressed their frustration with how the quarterback is being banished from the sport including Max Kellerman all the way back in September.

The Shadow League on Twitter

This clip of Max Kellerman speaking on Colin Kaepernick and racial injustice as a whole is a must-watch.

But if things somehow change and an NFL owner finally decides to get him on a team, it sounds like Kaepernick will have an endorsement deal waiting for him.

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