“Act Was A Premeditated Killing” | Former Michigan State Star Adreian Payne Killed In Orlando

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This week, former Michigan State University basketball star Adreian Payne was shot and killed in Orlando, Florida. The former MSU star reportedly was shot after having a dispute with a man outside of a residence in Orlando, Florida.

Deputies responded to a call on Monday at 1:37 a.m. to find Payne shot, and the 31-year-old was transported to a hospital and was pronounced dead.

The alleged shooter, Lawrence Dority, apparently took offense when Payne showed up at his home in the early hours of Sunday morning. Court documents from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office reported by TMZ that the shooting occurred shortly after Payne arrived at Dority’s home.


A witness reportedly told law enforcement she believed Payne came to the home to act as a “mediator” between Dority and his girlfriend. The witness added that Dority and his girlfriend “have a relationship where they argue often.”

Police said in the court documents that Dority felt Payne “had no business being at his residence this late at night” and that he took Payne’s “presence as a threat.”

During their conversation, Dority felt Payne made “movements with his right hand in the right side of his waistband,” Dority told police that Payne said, “I’ll smoke you, bra.”

Payne had no firearm in his possession.

Escalating Confrontation

Police continued in the reported court documents stating that Dority went back into his home, grabbed a firearm, and went outside, firing one round at Payne, then returned to his house.

When law enforcement arrived, Dority remained on the scene for interviews with homicide detectives and said he was “protecting his family and protecting his home.” Dority reportedly believed “his actions were justified.”

Officers reviewed surveillance footage determining that Payne was “not threatening Dority in any way,” according to the court documents, and claimed the “act was a premeditated killing.”

Dority was arrested on a warrant for first-degree murder and sent to Orange County Jail.

A Beloved Michigan Player

Payne’s death leaves a hole in the hearts of many, from Michigan State University to the NBA.

“Adreian was loved by his teammates and coaches, who respected his development as a player and a person,” Payne’s college coach Tom Izzo said in a statement. “He came to Michigan State with a ton of raw talent and put in the work to reach his goal of becoming an NBA player.”

“Beyond that, he will long be remembered by Spartan fans for his kind heart, as his friendship and genuine bond with Lacey Holsworth touched the nation.”

A Special Bond

Payne struck an emotional chord when he befriended Lacey Holsworth during the 2013-14 Spartans. Holsworth was a St. John’s cancer patient who admired the 6-foot-10 MSU forward, and she became a fixture of his late collegiate career. Payne held her to help cut down the nets after MSU won Indianapolis’s Big Ten tournament title.

She reportedly passed away from complications from neuroblastoma a week after that season ended.

“Rest in peace, Adreian Payne. My brother, my little brother, my college roommate, my teammate,” Golden State Warriors’ Draymond Green said to ESPN’s Kendra Andrews after the Warriors’ Game 4 victory over the Memphis Grizzlies.

“Very, very emotional day, but the win helps. It sucks.”

Draymond Honors Payne

Green and his wife, Hazel Renee, announced a donation of $100,000 to honor Adreian Payne’s legacy. Both Green and Payne made the NCAA tournament together during the 2010-11 and 2011-12 seasons, winning the 2012 Big Ten tournament title.

Payne was drafted by the Atlanta Hawks in 2014 as the 15th pick, eventually playing for a few NBA teams before continuing his career overseas.

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