Aaron Rodgers Is The Best We’ve Ever Seen

For sure, last night had to be an absolute nightmare for Tom Brady fans.

After watching Aaron Rodgers turn in a suitable-for-framing moment on national TV, it would be hard for even the biggest Brady fan to deny that Rodgers is the best quarterback weve ever seen.

It was that evident, that clear.

Again, Brady might be the most accomplished QB weve seen, but not the best at throwing the football.

Bleacher Report on Twitter

This man Aaron Rodgers is something else 20/30, 286 passing yards, 3 TD… all in the 2nd half

Rodgers shook off what looked like a serious first-half left knee injury and turned in a performance for the ages.

Instead of staying on the sidelines, he returned in the second half and led the Green Bay Packers back from a 20-point deficit en route to a thrilling 24-23 victory against the Chicago Bears.

The Ringer on Twitter

There’s only one explanation as to how Aaron Rodgers came back out for the second half. #GoPackGo https://t.co/lJiBTiGAr0

Aaron Rodgers was remarkable, Packers coach Mike McCarty said to the media after the game.

Rodgers threw for 286 yards and three touchdowns – including a pinpoint 39-yard TD to Geronimo Allison in the right end zone corner few others could have made.

That was the throw that was so magical, so eye-popping. It makes you marvel at what he can do with the football.

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Aaron. Rodgers. We could watch this guy throw touchdowns all day. https://t.co/YIpIwPtFDH

Two years ago, in a huge playoff game in Dallas, we saw Rodgers make a throw down the sideline that probably only he could make. Thats what Rodgers does.

There have been those Hail Marys, too.

We should be used to it by now. But were not because Rodgers, even at 34, still has the wow factor. He still does stuff to one-up himself.

And 20-point comeback tied the largest NFL comeback in his career. This time, however, Rodgers did it on basically one leg.

I felt like once I got back out there, when the adrenaline was going, it loosened up a little bit, said Rodgers, who threw a 75-yard TD to Randall Cobb for the game-winner. But then it tightened up there in the fourth quarter.

I was walking up and down the sideline trying to keep it loose.

It was 20-0 when Rodgers returned. Fans, no doubt, were happy to see him back on the field.

Still, many would be lying if they thought they were going to witness what would happen in the final 30 minutes at Lambeau Field.

Yahoo Sports NBA on Twitter

Even LeBron James, Joel Embiid and other NBA players were blown away by Aaron Rodgers’ performance against the Bears. https://t.co/3KgbNzxSib

For sure, Bears fans had to be sick. It appeared as if they were off and running with a season-opening victory on the road.

The Bears were dominant defensively to start the game. Rodgers was just 3-for-7 passing for 13 yards and was sacked two times before getting injured and forced out of the game.

But Lions fans have seen this act before too. Rodgers brought his Packers back from a 20-point deficit in Detroit and won the game with a Hail Mary TD in 2015 as time expired.

Clearly, its the reason Rogers signed a record four-year, $134 million contract extension recently. This is what were paid to do, Rodgers said about playing through injuries.

With Rodgers, the Packers always have a chance to win and compete for a championship. Without him, they basically have no shot. Few players have that much impact on a franchise.

SportsCenter on Twitter

ICYMI: The Packers were down 20-0 … then Aaron Rodgers brought them back. (via @thecheckdown) https://t.co/WsODgXe810

And we get it. The one argument Brady fans have on the Rodgers fans is that Brady has won five Super Bowls in eight trips.

Rodgers, on the other hand, has won just one Super Bowl in his lone trip there.

Still, when you dig deep about the career Rodgers has had, there are some pretty impressive numbers that cant be ignored. Rodgers has the best quarterback rating of any QB in NFL history. He also has the best touchdown-interception ratio in league history. 

Brady fans dont want to believe that anyone is better than Brady because of all the winning the Pats have done with Brady under center.

But ESPNs Ian OConner tweeted out something that couldnt be more honest.

Ian O’Connor on Twitter

Tom Brady once told an NFL coach, if Aaron Rodgers had Patriots’ offensive scheme & institutional knowledge on opposing defenses, “He’d throw for 7,000 yards every year. He’s so much more talented than me.

If a Brady fan watched a hobbled Rodgers on Sunday Night Football and was honest and unbiased, they would have to agree with Brady.

After that performance, its so clear that Rodgers is the greatest thrower of the football weve ever seen.

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