A Rare Steph Curry Shooting Slump Raises Valid Game 3 Questions

Stephen Curry won two MVPs, two chips and has a popular selling NBA jersey because of his incomparable three-point shooting. The two-time MVP is credited with changing the culture of the NBA from grassroots to the highest levels of pro ball and influencing the transformation of the NBA from an inside, big mans game to a airmail obsessed small ball philosophy. 

The Shadow League on Twitter

The “leave Steph Curry wide open” strategy didn’t work out too well for the Pelicans. https://t.co/LaIzjbUeh8

Curry hasnt had many memorable shooting slumps in his career and he usually responds to poor shooting games with supreme bounceback performances, especially in the playoffs. He doesn’t miss much and has a monopoly on single-season three-point records.

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Here’s @StephenCurry30 shooting 18 corner 3s… How many do you think he missed? https://t.co/s1fElGhtF4

Steph hasnt really been the same unconscious shooter since returning from a serious knee injury in Game 2 of the New Orleans Pelicans series. Hes had some Curryesque performances in these playoffs, but the consistency in his game is missing and his mobility still seems a bit compromised. Add in the aggressive, lengthy defense Houston is playing against Curry in the first two games of the Western Conference Finals and Steph is having one of his toughest stretches ever. 

Steph is just 2-of-13 from three-point range in these playoffs which isnt the end of the world, but it is eye-opening.  curry says his knee ” feels great”, but he doesnt look right is what most people are saying. 

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Steph Curry’s rare shooting slump leaves the Warriors looking mortal (by @BenGolliver) https://t.co/LMIb82v77J

Kevin Durant has stepped up, but as Ive said many times, Curry is the key to the Warriors being almost invincible. When hes not on his game, Dub Nation is not the same team, no matter what Durant contributes. 

Draymond Greens mom feels the same and harshly criticized KD on Twitter for his play in the Game 2 loss. 

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@samcbady @urkle9 What you talking about? It’s more to a game than shots! It left everyone else standing around never to get into position. SWING THE BALL. Pass the ball & around the 7 second mark take the shot(not at the 21 second mark). ISO ISO ISO!

If Steph is going to be a compromised player and struggle offensively (34 points in Game 1 and 2) Golden States chemistry will be off and what he contributes to the game and the way he crushes defenses and outpaces opposing offenses is going to be sorely missed and shifts the player positioning in Houstons favor. 

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